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A Daemon (Daimon), in Greek mythology, was a spirit of the nature. A Daemon was regarded as an intermediate form between man and the gods. The masculine Daemons could be Satyrs. Satyrs were often depicted as goat-like creatures, with the ram's horns, goatee, and the goat's legs. They could also be Silens (Seilenos). They were often depicted with traits of the horse, with a strange face and a horse's tail. In particular, the Silens were perceived to be companions of Dionysus. The horse appearance could be reinforced so that the creature had a man's body and head where the horse's neck and head should have been on a horse's body and legs. If so, the creature was a Centaur. Female Daemons were Nymphs. Nymphs were feminine traits. A prominent group of Nymphs was considered descended directly from the Titans by being the offspring of Oceanus and Tethys. They were called Okeanides. They were sisters of the rivers. Nymphs in trees, groves and forests were called Oreiades. So it was felt that oak and pine, poplar and ash, apple and laurel trees had spirits.

Let persons names, not daemons, be the outfall of what on Fantasifix is presented. I have written many poems om female names, to be found on

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These are not definite values. The namefame is a truth grain.