You may not be familiar with a writing site called  If you are a poet you should be. If you write stories - you should be. If you are working on a book you should be.

FanStory has been a tremendous help for me. I have dreamed about seriously writing since I was very young.  I now am happy to be able to follow this dream.

Finding Fanstory has been a true blessing. The support and help I receive from the writers at FanStory is invaluable.

I am learning from they many talented reviewers on FanStory.  I  also learn by reading others work. You learn to read critically which helps your writing. By writing reviews you are actually writing but also thinking about how the written word is structured.

I also learn most from those who tell what they think of my writing. The site members who critique my work are honest. But they are also  caring and gifted writers who want me to improve.

I could go on and on, but the most important thing I can say is that at I feel comfortable. I'm not worried about the reviews but look forward to them. I have improved as a writer.

I recommend It's your opportunity to make new friends that want you to succeed.
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