What are Mast Cells

What if someone told you that in the rising tide of modern day diseases and ailments there is a single type of cell in the body that affects almost all of them, from Autism to ADHD, cancer to Alzheimer's, Fibromialgia to Parkinson’s, and more. And what if there were new treatments arising for all of them. Recent discoveries at major schools of medicine have found that the "mast cell" is the source of many of these modern day conditions and illnesses.

A part of the immune system, that most doctors only associate with allergies, has been found to be the master regulator of the immune system and recent research is providing its effect on this long list of modern diseases. This research is also providing paths to new diagnostic tests and innovative treatments

Dr. Theoharis Theoharides (Dr. Theo), MS, PhD, MD, FAAAAI, is Professor of Pharmacology, Internal Medicine and Biochemistry and Director of the Molecular Immunopharmacology and Drug Discovery Laboratory at Tufts University School of Medicine has over 20 years of research into mast cells and brain inflammation, 300 published papers, and many patents. Dr. Theo, as he is affectionately called, has shown that mast cells are one of the master regulators of the immune system, directing immune system response and controling inflammation. Dysfunction of mast cell has being found to be the source of many auto-immune diseases and conditions and his research is providing new targets for treatment.


The Autism Connection  

This page describes how mast cell activation leads to autism, ADHD, PDD, and other autoimmune diseases. This is the start of my interest into his findings and led me to understand how mast cells are a major player, if not the cause of ADHA, PDD, childhood depression and a long list of other ailments. ADHD through PDD have been found to be lesser conditions on in the same area as Autism and they all have many similar biological traits only at a lesser scale.

Dopamine Regulator

How mast cells’ regulate Dopamine and effect the natural reward based learning response. Effecting Dompanine can effect everything from hyperactivity, learning problems and more issues seen in ADHD through Autism.

Adrenal Effect

Describes the mast cell connection to adrenal function which controls Hyperactivity, fight or flight response, and anxiety. These are often seen in the whole range from ADHD to Autism.


Relevant repearch papers will be posted on the Research Papers page as they become available. Most of these will be the straight scienticic papers, but a synopsis will be provided with the important dicoveries. More of these papers and the latest can be found directly on Dr. Theoharides website www.mastcellmaster.com along with more on his research into Parkinson's,  Cancer, arthritis, and more. 

There is a set of 4 videos that provide a good overview of how Dr. Theo found the mast cell-autism link and he describes how mast cells can cause autism into in his own words. I would recommend watching those either before reading the Finding Dr. Theo page. There is also his latest conference presentation from the 2012 AutismOne conference where he talks about some of his latest research.


The recent discovery of a vaccine-autism link that has been demonstrated by a pharmaceutical company using reports by the FDA and numbers from the EPA. Recent research, 2010-2012, has shown that human fetal DNA contamination in a few vaccines is linked directly to the rise of autism. Every time a vaccine with this contamination is introduced, in any state, in any country, the rate of autism increases greatly. This is even seen in the autism numbers from the EPA and many other governments. The dangers of human fetal DNA in vaccines has been demonstrated and reported on by the FDA. The latest research on genetic mutations that are caused by this contamination and how these mutations can lead to autism, ADHD, childhood diabetes, and a long list of increasing childhood diseases is described and discussed.


Dr. Theoharides research is funded mainly by grassroots efforts at a very low level and with very limited funds. With very little money an amazing amount of research has come out already. Donations for this research can be accepted directly by Dr. Theo from any existing non-profit or made to the NAA, with a note that it is to be applied to Dr. Theoharides research. More information on upcoming research and fundraising efforts for this effort is forthcoming.
Dr. Theoharides is working twards a way to stop the mast cell activation and in this seach he found a natural way to calm the mast cells. The flavinoid (vitamin-ish) Luteolin has been shown by multiple researchers to calm mast cells and prevent mast cell activtion and stop this mast cell acvation chain reaction. Since he could not find any supplements with pure sources of Luteolin and that Luteolin is is hard for the body to absorb, Dr. Theo developed a supplement called NeuroProtek which is produced by the company Algonot.
This website was done independently of Dr. Theo using Dr. Theo's and others research, along with presentations from several conferences, many conversations with Dr. Theo, and my own research, albeit as limited as that is. The hope is that this will greatly simplify a very science intensive biological process, which is only now starting to be understood by the science community, so that the public will understand the benefits of mast cell research. This research provides some hope that a real medical explanation and treatments are forthcoming for many diseases. Already several new supplements have been introduced to help regulate mast cells and a few Pharmaceutical Foods is in the works to be submitted to the FDA. Because of this there will be constant tweaks to the information here as new studies and information are discovered and as Dr. Theo continues to work.
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