I am currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Southern California.

I received my Ph.D. from the Toulouse School of Economics in December 2014.

I am an applied and empirical microeconomic researcher. My research interests include: information economics and industrial organization.

My Job Market Paper, Preemption and Forecast Accuracy: A Structural Approach,  sheds new light on the interplay between competition and timing in the market for professional forecasts.

Nicolas Dupuis, a fellow PhD student at TSE, and I have developed a new identification and estimation approach that allows to structurally estimate cheap talk games. Using a original dataset on movie reviews, we use our approach to estimate the strategic bias of movie reviewers. The paper, Structural Estimation of Expert Strategic Bias: the Case of Movie Reviewers, received the ESEM award of the best paper in applied economics in 2014. 
I have also constructed a new dataset on clinical trials and drug publications in order to estimate how market structure affect the incentives of pharmaceutical companies to acquire and disclose scientific evidence on the safety and the efficacy of their drugs. On the policy side, I hope that my work will shed new light on the hot debate over the implementation of transparency of drug testing.