Fanda Yang Applied Economics University of Minnesota Financial Mathematics Quantitative Analysis Banking Agribusiness
My name is Fanda Yang. I am a PhD student in Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota (UMN). Through years of academic training at UMN, I obtained a set of hands-on quantitative analytical skills as well as interpersonal and collaborative experience. I also take advantage of leadership opportunities to develop effective communication skills and to convey technical topics to various types of audience.

My academic research field falls under the broad umbrella term "risk management", particularly for the U.S. dairy industry. Aside from dairy subject matter, I carry a set of highly transferrable technical know-how, including panel time series analysis, dependence structure modeling (i.e. copulae), multithreading computer program implementation in C#, large data management through MS SQL server, etc.

Prior to my PhD study, I earned a master's degree in Financial Mathematics from the math department at UMN.