My name is Edward, and I am a gardener. I have been in the horticulture, landscape, gardening business for over a quarter of a century. What ever your gardening needs are I can help. If you are ready to design and install new beds, or select plants or if you just want a little consultation to find out if your current contractor is ripping you off, I can help,
    I am one of the few gardeners who has much interest in fruit trees . I can get them correctly planted, pruned and maintained at a reasonable price.I am also excellent at pruning trees, shrubs and hedges.
   Hedges are another of my specialties, I can help with selecting, designing, planting, and maintaining hedges of all sizes.
   Most people need help with regular garden maintenance, such as weeding and cleaning, and I can offer good deals on regular weeding programs, or If you have a garden disaster situation I can work with you on weed tree removal and honeysuckle removal.
   I also enjoy plant shopping and can locate unique, rare and exotic plants, or just help you find the best quality, lowest priced plants in the St.Louis area.

   For a little weeding, pruning, planting, or other basic landscape labor, or for that special touch that transforms an ordinary yard into a surrealistic refuge from reality. just call...     (772) 217-1377                   Edward, an actual gardener in a virtual world!

            you can reach me at never a charge for estimates.


       or on facebook at   fancyplants