Fancy Pants 'n Flounces

My name is Laurie Duncan and I have been sewing for 30+ years.  I learned from my mother and continued to become more and more creative over the years.  I have 5 daughters and have spent hours making clothes for them as they were growing up including a couple of prom dresses.  I love to create and sewing for any age or size is a fun challenge for me. I started creating specialty clothing for reborn babies about 6 or 7 years ago and have many happy customers. I took about a 3 year break while I went back to college to earn a Health Information Management Services degree and now work part-time for a local hospital.  That said and done I truly missed my sewing and jumped at a chance recently to get back into the business when Debbie Henshaw, owner of They Never Grow Up Nursery contacted me and asked if I would create a couple of special outfits for her up and coming prototype for Kellie Beckett, A Rose by Any Other Name.  Thus I have now re-entered the sewing world and would love to work with you and your needs for any occasion, baby to adult, reborn or real born.  On the various pages I have pictures of some of my past work for samples.  They are all ONE-OF-A-KIND.  I do not make duplicate outfits unless specifically requested by the original purchaser.  I make the majority of my items custom orders though I will have at times various items for sale on my sale page.  I do take Paypal and do not take personal checks. My prices are based on costs and detail of work involved.  I can give estimated costs but not specific costs until I have completed the item.  I try to keep prices as reasonable as possible.  Please take time and take a look, contact me if you find that I can be of service for your needs.  Thanks for looking around!  Laurie  (contact me at
Monthly Sale Special: 

January is HERE...a new year is here....HAPPY NEW YEARS 2014!  I wish you all a wonderful and eventful (good events !) year!

At this point I don't have new pictures to post but hopefully will soon.  I am working on several ideas and will also take get them in!  What are YOU doing this year, do you need something extra special for those new babies you are creating or for that new grand-baby or baby you are having ....or do you want a special Halloween or other outfit for yourself?  How about a beautiful afghan for yourself, a graduation present or a wedding this year!  :)  Think ahead, plan ahead and you can have an extra special gift for all those special occasions!

Stay tuned for specials and pictures.  Be sure to keep up with my store as I will be putting things up there for sale and some sell out quite quickly! 

Again, HAPPY 2014 ~~!