What happens if a Client pays processing fee?

When your client pays their processing fee, they aren't just keeping their IPL Money earning for themselves.
That fee goes into the blogger pool and is disseminated around the globe to others.
When your client funds ads and boosts with their IPL, it goes into the blogger pool and pays for the blogs of people who cannot afford to run ads, pays the earnings on ads for others and funds Boost portfolios so people around the world earn and can get out of poverty or otherwise help their lives.
When others do the same activities, your clients earn.

 If a user pays the processing fee, each month then does the IPL limit increase?

Yes, it is a way of showing FanBox that you can be trusted in clearing your processing fee, and your IPL limit will be increased.

 From where does the IPL processing fee penalties come from?

Those penalties will come from matured earnings not made via IPL.

 What happens if clients doesn't pay processing fee?

If a person doesn't pay IPL fee, he will get a $10 penalty and a double processing fee penalty (so $2 x 2= $4 for most people if their processing fee was more - the doubled penalty will be more).
Those penalties will come from matured earnings not made via IPL.

They don't lose their blogs, fans, friends, ads or FanBox account. All they lose is access to IPL.
And there's a chance they may be invited to activate it again in the future.

If they delete their accounts and come back to FanBox, they will automatically have an IPL account for $100 again.

For example:

Okay let's say you have a client that has spent $1000 in IPL. And they decide they aren't going to pay.

Here's what happens.

First, they will get a $10 penalty.

Then their processing fee will be about $15 for that amount. So it will be double in penalty. $15 x 2 = $30

So we have a total of : $10 penalty + $30 PF penalty = $40 total penalty that will be taken from matured funds that are available or as they become available.

Ok I utilized $374 of my IPL. With the boosting that is still going on. And I only have $168 to cash out when its time. How much do I have to pay to be able to cash some money out for extra money. Do I have to pay all of the 374 before I can cash anything out ?

Yes Storm you do! You can pay down your IPL with your matured earnings every month and that will reduce your fee, but if you want to cash out, you would either need to stop using IPL or add the funds to pay off your IPL

It says my IPL is block due to my past . I dont know what that means. I dont see it anymore . For me to use it.

 What happens if clients don't pay processing fee in terms of ads and other areas?

Well, the one thing that I can see positive about this all is that the ad system will certainly be a great thing again once all of these people who don't pay are blocked from making ads. There will be lots better ads and more money to make with them as soon as they start falling off! I am looking forward to earning from ads again. My earnings are pennies right now, but I am doing well letting other people boost me.

  I know for sure that a client will not pay the fees and will loose IPL and earning soon should I continue to moderate ads ?

I would because there might come a time that he wants to participate in IPL and he might surprise you and come up with the money at the last minute. I would also try telling him what he will lose out on if he does not pay it. If he pays that fee all of the money he earned He WILL be able to cash out! It's free money. Keep working on him about it and moderate the ads so he at least will know how if he ever does want to come back, He will only get 100 dollars if he closes the account and comes back though. He probably got more to play with. Tell him to read J.C.'s new post on the left hand side of the home page under the leaderboard. It says a lot about IPL and how to earn huge from it!

 One of my clients has a problem with the fee. I have told her that the fee is not paid, she tried to do it but doesn't have a PayPal account or matured money in the bank. How she can pay?

Tell her to pay processing fee through credit card and if she doesn't have credit card she can have a virtual credit card and by that virtual card she can even verify her PayPal account and can pay her processing fee through paypal. Here is the my blog link where she can know how to get a free prepaid virtual credit card

  Last month, I paid $22.40 for my IPL fee, and I utilized more than $2000, and this month is another $1,500 or more and altogether is $3,188.74. I just confused because my IPL fee this month is 44.96. Do I need to pay only the money. I utilized this month or from the moment, I start?

You pay whatever your percentage is on your IPL fee times the TOTAL amount of IPL utilized from the beginning. Your balance rolls forward every month. You pay for the total amount used every month a fee for the credit until the month that you cash out.

  Why my last few clients that I've got already had that fee to pay. They supposed to be new on FanBox, and they cannot use from IPL that much in few days.

 One of them got the due date on 09.Oct and just today I've got him in my client list.

Yes, even if they are new to the site when you acquire them their IPL account is activated. When this happens, the funds are automatically boosted. Tell them to go in and pause or cancel the boost if they do not wish to pay the fees or utilize their IPL at this time. If they received the due date, it is due to the fact he boosted. Your just getting him as a client is due to his requesting a coach. The two are separate of each other.