Hemorrhoid Doctor

  • A swollen vein or group of veins in the region of the anus
  • Hemorrhoids (US English) or haemorrhoids (Commonwealth English), are normal vascular structures in the anal canal which help with stool control. They become pathological or known as piles when swollen or inflamed.
  • pain caused by venous swelling at or inside the anal sphincter
  • (hemorrhoids) veins around the anus or lower rectum that are swollen and inflamed.
  • A person who gives advice or makes improvements
  • sophisticate: alter and make impure, as with the intention to deceive; "Sophisticate rose water with geraniol"
  • A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician
  • give medical treatment to
  • A qualified dentist or veterinary surgeon
  • a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
hemorrhoid doctor Blue Hair in Defiance of Colon Cancer
Blue Hair in Defiance of Colon Cancer
Bridget is fighting Cancer, The Blue hair is her act of defiance. Bridget is about to turn 50.(in this photo) in 2009, she went to the ER, had a CT scan, and they diagnosed "Focal Thickening of the Bowel Wall" She took that to her doctor, and he didn't know what it was, and the recommendation was to wait for a colonoscopy when she turned 50. He thought it might be anything from an ulcer to hemorrhoids, which was causing the occult blood in her stool.. She had stage III colon cancer with a complete blockage of her digestive system six months later at age 47. On March 31, 2010 she was back at the ER. another CT scan, and they literally RAN her to the Operating Room. Her doctor said her intestines would have burst within hours. She had her first surgery on March 31, 2010, removing the tumor in her colon, her gall bladder , most of her colon, and appendix. She started Chemo-therapy and had 6 of 8 planned treatments, but had to stop due to debilitating Hand and Foot syndrome, and neuropathy. In September 2011, she thought she was cancer free, and was back to work, when a blood test indicated elevated chances of another tumor. After fighting four months of government denial, she finally was scheduled for another surgery, which occurred January 4, 2012. Because the delays were extensive after the discovery of a tumor on her duodenum, the single cancer had time to spread into a "nest" of tumors. The surgery in January removed these tumors, and a section of her duodenum and upper intestines. In February she started her second program of Chemotherapy. Social Security has retired her, believing she will not return to work, California state disability thinks she "isn't that bad" and has her re-certify for disability each month. She doesn't sleep. She is in pain, and she is fighting Cancer with every inch of her being. She is also fighting the new medical system going into place, and experiencing "Delay, Deny, and Undertreatment". Update: 31 October 2012. Bridget has finished Chemotherapy, and the scans indicate no growing tumors at this time. She will be doing follow-ups and further testing on a regular basis, and hopes to be able to return to work soon. However, she will not be considered to be free of cancer at least for 5 years after the date she is declared "free" of tumors. 2017. Update December 14, 2012, Bridget returned to work.
I still say no!
I still say no!
Same Hemorrhoid people... what shady looks on the doctor's face!