Famous Persevering People
Click on peoples' names to hear their stories of perseverance. 

"Your perseverance is the measure of faith in yourself."
                                                                                                                           – Unknown Author  

             "I think and think for months and years.           "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.              "You might have to fight a battle               "The only tired I was, was tired of giving in"
         Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is wrong,           The most certain way to succeed is                         more than once to win it."
                     the hundredth time, I am right,"                            always to try just one more time."

Your teachers and your family believe in you.

  Derek Redmond was an English Olympic Sprinter.                         "The Power of Dyslexia" is an incredible video looking                           President Barack Obama taught America this 
  He was a gold medal winner, but dealt with injuries                        at various people in history that have persevered                                   year, what it means to persevere. He wasn't 
  throughout his career. At the 1992 Summer Olympic                      through a learning disability, to do great things and                                handed his seat in office, rather he had people
  Games he tore his hamstring in the 400m semi-                            achieve their dreams. They persevered because they                            trying to take it away. But, he stayed focused,    
  finals. Despite the incredible pain he felt. He got up,                      believed in themselves, even when every one else didn't.                       and believed in himself, and believed in what he
  with the help of his dad, finished the race.                                                                                                                                              he was working for; a nation listened. 

Dalton Sherman is one amazing ten year old. He spoke in
front of 20,000 teachers at a convention in Houston,
Texas. He even spoke on Oprah. His message was simple,
teachers have to believe in their students, because all students
"...can do anything, be anything, create anything, dream anything, become anything."
You know what Dalton, I agree.