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Please read over the expectations for the Podcast and Vodcast in the Assignment Expectations link under Home. The expectations are in rubric format.  Now, click on the names to the left for links to information about different famous Iowans. Read through the information on the links.  You are required to choose one person that you can connect to in three different ways. 




After choosing your famous Iowan, use the handout to write and organize your findings.


You will then write a script for your podcast or vodcast.  

Click on Grant Wood link on the left. 


Listen to the following video to review how to create a podcast.

Listen and view the following to review how to make your vodcast.


Example Podcasts--besides Grant Wood
Example Vodcast--besides Grant Wood



You will be working with one or two other students, helping each other with your podcast or vodcast.





Your podcast or vodcast will be shared with other students, teachers, and parents. 

photos:  iclipart.com