Yurik Vardanian

Yurik Vardanian (June 13, 1956 in Leninakan) is a former Olympic weightlifter for the USSR. He trained at Lokomotiv in Leninakan, Armenia.
Vardanyan won the gold medal at the 1980 Summer Olympics, becoming the world's first weightlifter to achieve a 400 kilogram total in the 82.5 kg weight category. During his career he set multiple World Records.
He held the World record of 405 kg, in the total at 82.5 kg weight class before the reconstruction of the weight classes in 1992.
Vardanian was the first light-heavyweight lifter to ever achieve a 400 kg total in competition. This total is no longer recognised due to a restructuring of the weight classes in 1993 and then again in 1998. However it is interesting to note that the equivalent weight division (85 kg) has yet to produce a lifter with a 400 kg total, despite the extra bodyweight. This could be in part due to the widespread use of steroids in weightlifting at the point in time which Vardanian set his records, although it must be noted that steroid use remains widespread in high-level sports to this day.
Interestingly, the 400 kg total set by Vardanian in the 1980 Moscow Olympics was enough to win him a gold medal not only in his weight class but also in two (not one) higher weight classes. Baczako Peter competed in the 90 kg weight class won the gold by recording a total of 377.5 kg and Zaremba Ota who competed in the 100 kg class and recorded 395 kg for the gold in the same 1980 Moscow Olympics. Finally, Vardanian would have a won a fourth medal, bronze this time, in the 110 kg competition as the third place in that competition won by Syzali Gygorgy with 390 kg only. Only in one class would Vardanian have finished outside the medals, that of the +110 kg super heavyweight division. However he still would have earned 5th place. In Varna at the 1984 Friendship Cup Vardanyan set his last world records, 182.5 kg in the snatch, 224.0 kg in the clean & jerk and 405 kg in the total.
He earned the title Honoured Master of Sports of the USSR in 1977 and was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1985. In 1994 he was elected member of the International Weightlifting Federation Hall of Fame. Since 1991 Vardanyan lives in the United States.