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Introduction to Sunshine:

An introduction to Sunshine is an indie rock band from central Florida.  The group consists of four members,
Michael Serrin, Chandler Strang, Mike Senejoa, and David Plakon.  Introduction to Sunshine has a unique mix of upbeat drums, carefully thought out lyrics,  and haunting background vocals which makes their music feel like it's reaching into your soul.  This bands talent is most apparent in their song Luna Plena from their Snow Tire album.  The band can be found touring locally occasionally visiting venues such as the Social or Backbooth.  Keep on the lookout for this up and coming artist, and stay tuned for new music from Introduction to Sunshine!  Well, enough about me rambling on about this artist, take a listen for yourself!

Also, don't forget to check out their homemade music video for their song "A Lesson in Economics" after the break!

An Introduction to Sunshine - A Lesson in Economics from Alex Purifoy on Vimeo.