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Andrew and Desma say Arrowhead Ministries exists to "Encourage the worship and arts culture in the local Church". They are training, encouraging and releasing thousands of musicians and singers around the world. Their main message to musicians, singers, sound engineers, production people and artists is: "Anointing, Character & Excellence" - encouraging individuals and teams how to focus on the anointing, growing in their character, as well as developing excellence in their art, their lives, abilities, musicianship and their approach to serving God their churches and teams.

Andrew started his Christian ministry at the age of 17 as a full time youth leader, Andrew training on the keyboard at a Worship Seminarassistant pastor, and music director at the Christian Outreach Centre in Woombye, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. He & Desma while raising a family spent those first 10 years working with, and building the local church.

Andrew is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer, and artist having recorded and produced more than 47 projects over a period of 20 years in his own "Ironspiration Studios", a facility Andrew runs both for his own projects and for other recording artists.

Andrew's annual schedule includes leading worship, teaching and training worship teams, training pastors and leaders throughout Europe, South Africa, Asia, the USA and Australia. Andrew and After living in Sydney for the past 7 years and being a part of Hillsong Church,Andrew & Desma now live on the Central Coast, NSW and belong to HopeUC Church with Pastors Mark & Darlene Zschech.

They are proud parents to 5 adult children and Reggie the dog. The family has grown now and their eldest daughter Melody is married to Dave and they now have three children.

Andrew & Desma's goal is specifically to serve and assist the 'worship culture' in the local churches around the world in any capacity, from training worship leaders, musicians, sound engineers, songwriters, church leadership, coaching & mentoring. "We want to see churches learn to work within Gods anointing, to step up in character and achieve great excellence"!

As well as travelling worldwide, Andrew continues to lecture at Hillsong's Leadership College in Sydney.

Come Join Us as we worship as one people, as a community.


Fall Harvest
Halloween Night from 5 PM till 8 PM
At the Church

Thanks Giving Dinner will be StAntony's