A new, exciting and affordable way to find those elusive members of your family tree………….


The contributors to this site have spent many years collecting vitals to fill those missing gaps, and know how expensive it can become. They are now pleased to offer their collective resources to you at a minimal cost of AU$3.00 per event, and will email details once payment has been received.

**Please be aware - legal reasons prevent us from forwarding actual copies of these documents, so a typed transcription will be prepared.


Finding and ordering your selection is an easy four step process -

  • search the database for the surname you are chasing, noting details
  • click the order link in the last column to bring up an automated email
  • state the NAME of the person of interest, including YEAR of event
  •  supply the full CODE  (eg. MQ12) as given in EVENT column – eg. B=birth, M=marriage, D=death.

An email will then be forwarded to you giving payment details. Our payment options are direct bank deposit or PayPal.  Once your payment is received, the transcription will be provided via email in a timely manner.

To  search the database, simply click on the relevant alpha character below.


**Please understand that no look-ups or confirmation of information will be provided.
Disclaimer: If the quality of the original document through age or poor handwriting of the original recorder is  not clear, some documents may not be transcribed in full. We will highlight this area
CONTACT the contributors.

Archival Access Victoria for research at Public Records Office, Victoria.


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