Application Via

Getting a Visit Visa for Family (Parents / In Laws)

  1. Fill family visit visa form online at

  2. Print the filled form from All forms should be filled in Arabic, other than the visitor's name. As it is in English on Passport. No spelling mistakes on Name.

  3. Take a photo copy of this filled form and keep it safe, you need it for visa inquiry.

  4. Introduction letter from Kafeel, must mention salary (ABOVE TWO (filled form and introduction letter) SHOULD BE ATTESTED FROM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)

  5. After Chamber of Commerce keep checking the status of Application Filled above on following website:

    Either your family visa will appear there or you will see some message, normally asking about some documents to be submitted to MOFA. (Wife's IQAMA etc)

  6. Print this Page

  7. Your Iqama, passport first page, and passport visa page copy.

  8. Wife's Iqama, passport first page, and passport visa page copy.

  9. A letter from hospital / Dr attending. (ARABIC - Optional in case of pregnancy support)

  10. Copy of Arabic translation of Nikkah Nama. (In case of In Laws)

  Submit all above to MOFA, and check the status of the visa online after 2 to 3 days.