"Granny's recipe" contest
ooks, winegrowers, farmers and youngsters from all over Europe will gather at Tours in November for Euro Gusto. 

    For this event, Slow Food Bastille is organising a contest of "granny's recipes" to back the transmission of folk and family cuisine food.

To be eligible, your recipe should
  • only contain common and economical ingredients
  • be for at least 6 people
  • be easy enough to be made by a non professional cook
  • have been passed down by a member of your family in a broad sense (cousins, foster family, neighbors)

All the recipes will be published on the website !

The 3 best recipes will be served at a meal for the Terra Madre for Young Europeans, the SlowFood International Youth Movement. 

Special prizes will be awarded... more information

First prize : Escargot d'Or. This high-sided copper frying pan !