So welcome. This webpage has been set up to document and share a wonderful three part television series that really should have carried on for much longer. The first episode has been repeated once (with cuts, when I watched it I noticed that a few of the ruder gags had disappeared!), the second episode was also repeated once, and the third ep has only ever graced our screens once, possibly a result of the fool Andy Collins, surely the worst TV presenter of a quiz show ever (he was that bad that he's not presented a telly prog since.)

I've never seen these episodes on any torrent site, and the second episode took me a long time to get hold of. I waited probably two years for the programme to be repeated, having missed it the first time round. It's likely that you've never seen these, and this may be the funniest thing you see this year. Ladies and Gents, enjoy...

Family Misfortunes ep1 download from Dropbox
Family Misfortunes ep2 (to be uploaded)
Family Misfortunes ep3 (to be uploaded)

Note- the format for FM was copied for episodes of OutTake TV focussed on The Weakest Link. These are brilliant, the number of celeb Weakest Link eps makes for some great outtake tv. I can't upload these here as the Beeb are pretty good at taking down content, but you can email me at medinnerfan@gmail.com