Safety in Science Classroom

Safety in an informal science learning environment and the elementary classroom

  • Any inquiry-based learning environment is a great place to be, but it is not a place for rough-housing or running around
  • Review all potential activities with an eye for safety
  • Create an environment that is FUN and SAFE by communicating safety rules and having a plan of action in the unlikely event of an accident
  • Have safety equipment on hand, including goggles, if needed. 

For more information click on any of the links below:

Safety in the Elementary School science classroom. Lots of informaiton here. From the Council of State Science Supervisors

Safety in the Science Classroom. From NSTA (National Science Teachers Association)

Science Lab Safety Rules. Includes a quiz for students! More focused on a high school learning evironment.

Safety in an informal or community learning environment from the American Chemical Society, so it has an emphasis on activities involving chemicals.