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Family Math & Science Events...Math + Science = cool fun!

To promote thinking like a scientist, our Family Math and Science Nights engage students and parents in active investigations tied to the curriculum in a fun, informal environment. Through our program, families actively EXPLORE math and science ideas, DISCOVER together through guided inquiry, and APPLY their discoveries to solve a problem at the end of the program. Families learn by doing the activities and become scientists or engineers for the day. All activities are hands-on, use readily available and affordable materials, and focus on a theme that links science and math to the real world.

Activities are tied to the curriculum frameworks and related to a theme. Family Math & Science Night is an opportunity for elementary school students to work together with their parents or other caring adult on math and science activities related to the curriculum - while having fun together as a family! 

What we like about it…

·   FUN, HANDS-ON learning.

·   Partnering with parents in an academic-oriented event.

·   Families talk about math and science ideas at school and at home.

·   Parents are participants too. Everyone learns that answers and questions are equally important to math, science and technology

·   Content goes home in the form of goody-bags, web links, activity packet and conversation.

·   Fifth grade leadership and learning opportunity

·   Evaluations are positive and families consistently ask for MORE.

Who we are...

Joan Sullivan is an educator who LOVES working with children in an informal, sometimes chaotic, and always fun environment. Trained as a secondary school math teacher, Joan has been providing Family Math & Science Fun enrichment since 2002 for grades K-5, as well as providing leadership trainings to fifth grade activity facilitators. She is also Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics at North Shore Community College.

Mary Hatton, EdD, is a science education consultant, Adjunct Professor of Biology and Science Education at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, and former middle school teacher who now trains college students to be teachersShe brings extensive knowledge of science curriculum requirements, learning through inquiry and a love of science to all of our events. She has been involved in Family Math & Science Fun since 2007.

To learn more about Family Math and Science Fun, contact Joan at 978-852-7206 or email her by clicking here.

Next Steps

If you have interest in learning more about bringing Family Math & Science Fun Events to your school, 

please contact Joan Sullivan at 978-852-7206 or click below:

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