Grade 5 Team 2011

WELCOME fifth graders!!!!!

Chloe,, Emily, Drew, Morgan, Zoe, Nathan, Nikki, Joshua, Cindy, Dakota, Tyler, Harry, ALex, Meggy, Sean, Olivia, Cara, Mia, William and Nicole

Engineering Design Process

Ask - Imagine - Plan - Create - Improve

WORDs To remember -

Architect, Design, Challenge, Load, Triangle, Compression, Tension, Torsion, Lever, Pulley, Mechanical Advantage, Effort, Force, Structure

Learn more about the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse in 1940 we saw in class:

Build and test your own catapult (a medieval war machine) online. Uses a cool 3D simulation. Need free FLASH player.

Here's a website on engineering just for kids your age to check out! You can play games or try their engineering challenges

PBS Design Squad

Here's an explanation with photos and diagrams of Compression, Load and Tension in Bridge design.

Here's a video that describes how levers make work easier (1 minute long):

TRAINING SCHEDULE  You must attend 3 of 4  trainings to participate as an activity leader.

Training Dates: Thursday March 31; Tuesdays April 5, April 12, April 26 

Event Date: Wednesday evening April 27  for grade 4 students; your presence is needed 5:40 - 7:15

Challege Questions 
#1: Why don't all buildings look  like the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

What material is strong under compression ? this is a photo of Arc d'Triumph in Paris.

Try a game a day!

and more here....