Events & Themes

"Build it! Engineering Design Challenge" (grades 4-6)
"Backyard Creatures (grades K-3)
"Let's Investigate All About Birds" (grades K-2 or 3-5)
"Junior Detective - kitchen chemistry" (grades K-2)
"STEM Girls" (grades K-5)
all available either as evening and after-school events or in-school enrichment activity programs

Contact us - we can design an event just for you!

Let's Investigate: Backyard Bugs

Our event for Grades 2 and 3 brings families together to meet some surprising creatures in different stages of metamorphosis. Children even have a chance to see if they can hop as far as a grasshopper does (it's harder than it sounds!).

STEM Girls

This after school enrichment program gives girls a chance to become scientists, mathematicians and engineers by doing fun, hands on activities. 

Let's Investigate: All About Birds

Children love learning about how birds fly and why they look the way they do, from beak to feathers. A presentation by "The Owl Woman" or dissection of owl pellets rounds out this event.

Junior Detective: Kitchen Chemistry

Families solve the mystery of the missing mug, using what they learned about chromatography, fingerprinting, acids and bases doing experiments with simple household items. 

Build it! 

Grade 4 students and their parents learn about what makes structures strong at our 
Build it:Engineering Challenges event. We bring pulleys, gum drops, engineers, catapults and more! Twenty-five fifth graders trained as activity facilitators - and even the school principal gets into the action!