Explore and Discover Science with your child today!

Family Math and Science Events

FUN for participants and filled with exploration and discovery!

The activities are educational, inquiry-based and focused on a theme. They are rich in hands-on experiences and related to the grade's curriculum. Everyone has a chance to learn something new while having fun together.

Fourth graders and their families build a strong and tall tower using marshmallows, spaghetti and coffee stirrers! The tallest one was 45 inches tall! (photo above) For more photos, click here Photos.

Thank You Volunteers
  • Parent Volunteers
  • 5th Grade Activity Leaders
  • Endicott College's NSTA students

EXPLORE on your own...

Click here for games and activities just for YOU. Design your own catapult, drive a rover on Mars, or help a bird migrate home .

Why a Family Math and Science Night?
  • Fosters science and math literacy with families
  • Shows families that science and math are all around us
  • Promotes guided inquiry and collaborative discovery
  • Fosters awareness of school’s curriculum
  • It’s fun!
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