Employers of every size, and in every sector, are competing to win the talent race to attract and retain top talent. Young children are in a race of their own, the complex demands of the modern workplace are constantly competing for a parent's attention. Family-friendly workplace policies and practices allow working parents to be engaged and effective caregivers. Many strategies address the significant cost of employee turnover and workplace stress and distraction. Colorado's Family-Friendly Workplace Initiative is a 2Gen project, meaning that it supports the workforce of today and the workforce of tomorrow. It features research-informed tools and resources highlighting up-to-date examples of employer best practices.

Family-Friendly Workplace Assessment (FF+)
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Family-Friendly Workplace Toolkit 

Developed in partnership with Colorado's Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), this Toolkit provides the most up-to-date information available on family-friendly workplace policies and practices. It is available in print and online and includes examples of employer best practices to support working families. The Toolkit is divided into 4 sections: Getting Started; Core Benefits; Need Statement; and, Resource Guide. For more information or to request printed copies, email info@coloradoepic.org.