Her name was Maureen- A story of Life

  The year is 1932..... That was the year she was born into a family of two. Her Father worked for the police and her Mother was a full time housewife. Back then women really did not work outside the home. Raising a family was the number one thing. Now in the 1930's life was hard but America was a great place to live. The freedoms were many and their Moral compass was based on a Christian belief. Not every one went to church however most folks lived a moral live, upholding the laws based on the Holy Bible Ten commandments. Maureen was the name given to the newborn. She was such a beautiful girl. I need to tell you she did not come into this world without difficulty.  Upon birth she did not beathe, was what we call a blue baby. The doctor said she was dead. The nurse would not accept that and worked on her, Maureen took her first breathe, welcome to the world little one. A very happy Family of three just arrived.
What is in-store for you?
  Born into a family during the Great depression does not affect a child. Children had no idea what happened just before their birth. The Stock market crash and put our country into a great depression. Jobs hard to find and money very limited. However the family life goes on. Maureen as a young girl saw a lot. During the time of her knowledge she saw Hitler rise and Movies become more and more like a newsreel. One of the three places to get information on what is happening in the world. Newspapers being the first place, if you could read and there were very few who could, that was the first place to get it. Always a day or more late. Then the Radio was the second. Everyone gathering in the sitting room around the radio listening to the updates. Radio was a big deal, shows began to air on them and music was played. Radio had a certain time to listen known as On air time. Usually right after dinner,around 7pm and lasted til about 10pm. a few stationed near the big cities would have a morning hour from 7am -10 am. Radio cost were high during this time, so air time was geared around the at home schedule.
   When the Movies came on the seen, Newsreels began before each show feature. Allowing an inside view of the world around them. Often propaganda and a somewhat edited view geared just to promote hope in a time of the Great Depression. Showing how bad it was in other places to promote a feeling of  living in a blessed country. Because rations were started, this was a good medium to promote and give instructions for use. 
Yes Maureen Loved the Movies in her young age of 7. About that time Judy Garland stared in The Wizard of Oz, It was in technicolor. Gone with the Wind also came out that time. Maureen saw both of them. She loved going with her parents and friends. Not to miss one that came out. Movies was a grand thing to her, the technology was something she would in years to come become more in throned with.
More tomorrow.....

As Maureen grew up a brother was added to the family. At the age of eight she became a sister. Really grew to love him. She would care for him and watch him. This was a great addition to her. Now one thing Maureen loved to do was go the church. She attended a Catholic church down the street. every Sunday she would get up and walk to the service. One day we were talking and she told me that she just had a feeling to do this. Tried to get her family to go with her. However they were not interested. Her father was Baptist and mother had no religious upbringing. At about the age of 9 she came to her mother and asked to go to a catholic school. The Family agreed she went for one year only. Because Maureen was a strong willed child she just could not stop challenging the Nuns. This cause trouble in class, so she opt out of continuing in the school. One More reason to why I, Auntie Elaine is so Strong willed! IT'S IN THE BLOOD.

After attending the Catholic school her next step was public school. Did pretty well there. That is where my life started. You see that is where she met Edward, my DAD. Let's start that section of her life. Maureen was in the 9 grade. She was dating (and I use that word loosely). Dating was not how it is today. Maureen was a Beautiful young girl. Guys liked her and wanted to get to know her. Boys were trying to go out with her. Due to the strong will side she was very picky. However there was this one boy she liked. Oh it was not Edward. This boy would take Mom out and visit her a lot. Now Edward really like Maureen so, he tried to get her to go out with him. It was hard....He knew she loved the Movies. So he would ask her to the Movies. Other boys weren't into movies and did not wants to waste their money on them. So Maureen loving to go to Movies took Edward up on it. They went to a lot of them. Edward knew this would help his chances with her and he did enjoy the Movies.

Edwards Mom did not approve of this union. Grace was a strong Christian and felt that Maureen was not a match for her son. Maureen did not attend their church and was not a baptized believer. Grace had another girl in mind for Edward. However Edward was so taken by Maureen. He really wanted to marry her. The other girl was not of interest to Edward.

Edward asked Maureen to go to church with him. Yes she did go. With the strong will side she listened and questioned the teaching. Edward like this part of her. She was her own person and did not take others views as the final word. Because of this nature she became a stronger Lady. The other girls saw this a unacceptable. In thier church women did not question things! Too have someone ask questions was unheard of. However the church understand she was unaware of this rule. So, they answered her questions and began to teach her the bible. Maureen loved learning this way. Grace still felt Maureen was not the match for her son. However, she allowed her son to continue to bring her to the church. Maureen's salvation meant more. Maureen was not close to that and would not be for some time.

 By 10th grade.Maureen began to like Edward. That made her start to refuse the other boy. There was a competition starting. The two boys were fighting for her hand. The more Maureen was with Edward the less she was with the other boy. Edward felt he had to move fast so not to loose her. He asked her to marry him. Of course  he had to ask Maureen's Dad also. Maureen said yes. Well that was not the end of it, not all were in agreement.

Edwards Mother did not approve of this step. She had her heart set on the girl at their church. By now parent know you can not chose the girl or boy for your child. Back to the story. Grace tried to convince Edward to take another look at his decision. One way was to have Maureen attend the church. Perhaps she would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Would that make things better?

Maureen attend the Church with Edward. She still being that strong women, asking questions and challenging the women. I remember her telling me that most of the women did not like this about her. However this was the part that drew Edward closer to her.

Now Maureens Dad also did not think this was a good idea. However both parents knew they could not decide for their daughter. Embracing the idea of the marriage, the date was sent. It would be a July Marriage. So, they were married at Edwards Church. They started their life living above Edwards Mothers Home. Edward had to get permission to continue high school so he could graduate. Plus he had to get a job to support his new wife. In this era if one was married they could not continue high school. No married women allowed. However the men could go with permission from the school broad. After all an education for men was a must. Edward graduated from High School.

For Maureen married life was rough at first. It wasn't that she didn't love Edward. More like the first time away from home and living with a men she did not know his quarks.  You know the things, how he squeezes his toothpaste, where he puts his clothing and what he eats. These things made her want to go home. She tried to move back home, however her Mother and Father told her if she chose to do that, they would have the married dismiss and she could never see Edward again. This was not a solution for her. So, she stayed and learned to cope with his quarks. Her Dad dropped over a lot and helped her transition to married life.

After 2 years of marriage the first child cam along. A Boy, they named him Ricky. He had a rough start. The doctors helped him with his breathing and later he had a hernia they had to take care of. Ricky was a colicky baby. Maureen had a rough time, she took him on walks a lot and was a great Mother to him. The family helped out also. Being a Mother was not to hard for her due to the fact her baby brother came to the family when she was eight. That meant she helped out a lot and knew how to care for a child.

When Ricky was 2 and a half along came the second. A baby girl, named Elaine. Ricky love his baby sister. He would follow her around and help out Mom. Elaine was a calm child, much different than Ricky. Of course everyone said girls are easier back then.  When Elaine was almost 2 along came the next child. Oh yeah another boy, they called him Byron. He was also a calm child. Now with three children their family was on the way to a perfect one.

They lived in a house by now. Edward had bought one by the Park. Maureen love it, She walked the kids to the park daily. Ricky started Kindergarten and the other two played at home. Then in 1958 Edward was laid off at work. Times were hard. The story goes like this....

Edward was at the kitchen table looking at the jobs section of the newspaper. Maureen ask him what he was doing? Edward told her about his job situation. Maureen ask him if he still wanted to go to college to become a minister. Edward said yes, but he did not think he could because of the family and uprooting Her from her family. Maureen told him to check it out and find out if he can get accepted. Then they would talk about it. He did and the decision to move to Ohio was made. They sold the house and packed up, loaded everyone in their car and Moved. Did not have a place to live or a job but, was going to attend the Bible Seminary in Ohio.

The children loved playing outside. Living on a hill, there was plenty of places to play. Now next door was a family with a girl about Elaines age. they loved to play together. Roller skating was one of the things they love to do together. Back then the stakes had keys and fit on the stakes to adjust them to fit over the shoes. Kathy, the name of the girl next store, had a cement patio. A perfect place to skate, and they do a lot of rollerskating.

Maureen Loved taking care of the kids. They walked every where together. The Seminary was no to far away so she went there a lot. The professors and their wives fell in love with Maureen, she just had that magnetism. One day they ask her if she would like to sit in some of the classes, they would watch the children. She sat in some music classes and enjoyed them. Later on the Professors talk to her about enrolling as a student. However Maureen inform them she did not have a high school diploma. The Professors and the wives help her to study to get a GED. She took the test and passed. Then she enrolled as a student and took some classes focusing in Music.

 In 1961 Maureen's Father was murdered while working a burglary case. this was a hard time for Her. Being away in Ohio they had to take a flight back to Norfolk. The funeral was the largest ever in Norfolk. People lined the streets all the way from the church to the cemetery. Her father was welled loved in the town. The first to be killed in the line of duty since the 1800's. Those where tough years for everyone.

Edward graduated  from the Seminary and was head out to Kentucky to minister a church. The family packed up and moved. It was something to move to yet another State. So off to Kentucky the final frontier, so they say. One thing about moving to a church as their minister family is, having to live in a parsonage. They church provides the house and garden. Now Maureen do not know about raising Chickens or planting food. Oh yeah a little from her young years with Eds family. but not how to feed her family by toiling in the fields and farming. The Church family helped her learn how. We had fresh eggs and when the farmers took there cattle to the market, we got some meat. We had corn and beans, tomatoes and potatoes.  She learned to can food for the winter months. take care of the chickens for the cold winters. As well as the hard lesson of the wildlife that also loved to eat the chickens. We lost a few from time to time. The family lived in Kentucky for 3 years.