Prolonged Exposure Treatment for PTSD

      Prolonged Exposure is a treatment that was developed by Dr. Edna Foa which was based 
      on several years of research. This treatment is being used by several clinicians across the
      United States and across the world.


During this treatment you will receive education about PTSD and how your current actions may prevent recovery. You will learn about how you can improve symptoms by 80%. There are two modes of treatment; Imaginal Exposure and In vivo Exposure.


Imaginal Exposure is one part of this treatment that consists of talking through the trauma from the beginning to the end several times. You will tape your trauma and will be listening to your tape once a day. This will give you a new awareness about your emotions related to the trauma and will help you to challenge your beliefs related to the trauma.


In vivo Exposure helps you to confront the activities that you used to do for fun that you don’t do anymore, confront the things that you have been avoiding related to the trauma, and practice activities that used to be safe for you which no longer feel safe for you.


Breathing retraining will also help you to physically manage some of your anxiety related to the event. You will learn practical skills to decrease your symptoms.

Psycho-education about PTSD is also a component of this form of treatment. Education about trauma exposure and its effects can help you to understand your difficulty with recovery. 


      This treatment usually lasts for ten sessions that are 90 minutes each. Feel free to call if you
      are interested in this form of treatment or want more information at (502) 550-9297.