Familiar is a tool for Dungeon Masters who are running 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons games.  It is a comprehensive software program that manages PCs, monsters and combat so you can concentrate more on developing your campaign world instead of trying to remember which combatants are dazed or bloodied in an encounter.

Key features of Familiar:
  • Import standard monster stat blocks from the D&D Compendium and from the D&D Monster Builder for quick access to attack powers during combat
  • Use standard gaming tools like the D&D Character Builder and iplay4e character sheets to view player stats during an encounter
  • Easily keep track of the initiative order, including delaying/readying combatants
  • Conveniently view stats for both the attacker and the target at the same time
  • Apply damage and conditions to single or multiple targets
  • Automatic alerts notify the DM when conditions end, when to apply ongoing damage, and when to make saving throws
  • Constant updates to the software based on actual play testing and user feedback

Familiar is currently under development, which translates into the following:

  1. While using the program, Familiar may throw some ugly error messages your way if you try something I have not anticipated.
  2. Several features either don't work or haven't been added yet.  You can read more about these things on the Upcoming Features and Known Issues pages.
  3. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!  If you come across any error messages, or have any suggestions for Familiar, I would love to hear about them.  Please send me an e-mail at info@familiarrpg.com and I will do my best to address your issues.
  4. Familiar is free of charge, though donations are greatly appreciated.

That being said, Familiar is fairly robust and can be considered a 90% solution for your Dungeon Mastering needs.  It's just a little rough around the edges.

Currently,  Familiar only works on Windows-based machines.  It's been tested on XP and Vista (and a Mac running a Windows virtual machine).  I have plans to port it over to Mac OS X at some point.  You can read more about this on the Technical Stuff page.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy using Familiar!

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