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The Crazies

After chickening out of being honest in a Drama exercise, Doris and Montgomery make a pack to completely tell the truth for the rest of the day. This leads to a number of conflicts between the students and teachers. Lydia and Sherwood end up switching classes and Sherwood needs Leroy to teach her to dance so she can perform in the show. 
However, after Shorofsky is mugged and ends up in hospital the future of the show is threatened.  


My Review
I really love this episode and it's probably my favourite 1st season episode. It is just such a simple idea and how things spiral out of control is really laugh out loud hilarious.

Debbie, Carol and Albert seem particularly to be having fun with the script. Also every character seems to be involved apart from Coco who really just seems to be a supporting character.

Doris is great and I love the Leroy teaching Sherwood to dance storyline. It was a nice reversal of the teacher student scenario. Also Shorofsky being mugged added an emotional element to the show.

Over here in the U.K. this episode was aired as the last episode in this series and for years I thought it was actually the season finale. It made sense because Shorofsky mentions this happens near the end of each year and Crandall mentions that some of the seniors won't get into college without their final marks for the show and the throwing of magic dust into the air at the end made it feel more of a finale.

Although when we actually see the performances there are only the regulars and dancers taking part so where are these seniors who are supposed to be graduating?

I don't know why the BBC decided to screen the episodes differently but they moved this and “Come One Come All” to the end. However it does seem to work better. They possibly moved "A Special Place" up in the running order because they wanted "Starmaker" to be released as a single and they didn't want it to be released until the episode had been shown. Also in its first year NBC would only hand out the episode orders a few at a time so its possible the producers did think this was going to be the last episode of the season and then got orders for more episodes.

A couple of nit picks, Doris goes onto Sherwood's class, presumably for English and tells her what Lydia says about her proposed tribal dance, but then is back in English later that day when Lydia is covering the class. Two lessons of English in one day again for Doris seems very unfair. Maybe she was worse than Leroy in English and needed the extra lessons to catch up!

Also Lydia and Sherwood are swapping the classes they have in the same period. However, when the bell rings for the end of the English class, Sherwood is still teaching the dance class.

Then All the characters in the drama class in the opening scenes are wearing different clothes in the scenes that supposedly take place over the rest of the day. We do see Doris change into dance class but surely after that class she doesn't put on different clothes to the ones she was wearing before the class.

I'm not sure why anyone would phone Lydia and especially Bruno at home when Shorofsky was attacked. I wouldn't have thought they would be listed as next of kin or anything but the scene in the hospital is quite sweet.

Also Mrs Berg reading the letter is very sweet too and Shorofsky very funny when he says get the diabetics out of the room.

"I was only trying to help" is also a fantastic song and was the first song to really show case Valerie's vocals and is one of my favourites.

"Carnival" is okay but not really one of my favourite songs. Still it's a nice ending to the episode.

Episode Pictures

Production Number 2720
Written by William Blinn
Directed by Mel Swope
Original U.S. air date 18th March 1982
Original U.K. air date 29th September 1982
Guest Stars
Michael Thoma as Greg Crandal 
Ann Nelson as Mrs Berg
Bronwyn Thomas as Michelle
D.J. Sydney as Nurse
Sandy Serrano as Deidre
Will Jarvis as Hall Monitor
Stephanie Williams as Girl  
"I Was Only Trying To Help" performed by Valerie Landsburg
  Written by Gary Portnoy & Ruth Rosen
"Carnival" performed by Debbie Allen
 Written by Henry Thompson & Vanessa Dale

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