You do not need to print this or do anything with this. It is just for your information. This is the waiver referred to in the google registration form. 

Falmouth Ultimate 2017:  Election, Waiver and Acknowledgment

We, the parents of the player, or, if 18 or older, the player for him or herself, recognize that Falmouth Ultimate (the “Team”) and Maine Ultimate, Inc. ("Maine Ultimate"), which runs the Spring High School League (the “League”), are volunteer led (Falmouth Ultimate) and a not-for-profit organization (Maine Ultimate) and agree that the Team and League are not commercial entities.  We agree that the decision to participate on the Team, which may include participation in the League and other events or tournaments in which the Team decides to participate, is ours alone.

We understand that, as with every competitive team sport, the sport of Ultimate involves inherent risks. We understand that by participating on the Team, in addition to League competitive events, our son or daughter may participate in Team practices that may include various conditioning exercises, drill sets, and scrimmages involving other Team players, coaches, players from other teams, or volunteers.  We understand and accept that participation on the Team involves risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, which may result not only from a player’s own actions, inactions or negligence, but also from the action, inaction or negligence of others, the rules of play, or the condition of the premises or of any equipment used.  

We understand and accept that we are responsible for providing or arranging transportation for our son or daughter to all Team events.  In the event we do not provide or arrange such transportation for our child, we understand and accept that participation on the Team may involve travel to and from Team events in vehicles driven by coaches, players, or volunteers.  We further understand that participation with the Team may involve travel out of state, including lodging.  We understand and accept that although coaches or volunteers may make certain travel arrangements for the Team, they do so out of courtesy, and we will independently determine that the arrangements are appropriate, reasonable, and safe for our son or daughter.

We authorize and give full consent to the Team and Maine Ultimate to publish any and all photographs, video and/or broadcasts in which our son or daughter appears while attending any Team event. We agree that the Team may transfer, use or cause to be used, photographs, video, or broadcasts for any exhibitions, art or advertising purposes to promote the sport of Ultimate without limitations or reservations.

In consideration of, and as a condition of, our son or daughter participating in the Team and the League, we hereby warrant and represent that (1) we are the sole legal guardians(s)/parent(s) of ______________________, (2) we have made this decision voluntarily, and have not relied on any representation, statements, assurances or commitments, whether oral or written, by any representatives, Team leaders, coaches, officers, directors, volunteers or agents of the Team or the League or Maine Ultimate, and (3) that this Election, Waiver and Acknowledgement is voluntarily entered into, and lawful and binding in the State of Maine. As further consideration of our child being permitted to participate as a member of the Team, we hereby release and forever discharge the Team, the League, and Maine Ultimate, including all representatives, leaders, coaches, chaperones, officers, directors, volunteers or agents, from any and all liability for any damages, claims, risks or losses, including bodily injury or death, arising out of our travel to and from, and participation in the Team events in which we have voluntarily elected to participate (including lodging, social events and other activities).

NAME OF CHILD/PLAYER: _________________________________ DOB________________

Signed:__________________________________ Date__________

Mother or Guardian One

Signed:__________________________________ Date__________

Father or Guardian Two

Signed:__________________________________ Date__________

Player (if 18 or older)