Take a Deep Breath and set aside 15 minutes for this. 

There are 3 separate things you need to do.

            1. Join or USA Ultimate, or if you are already a member, pay your 2020 dues to USA Ultimate and sign their                     on-line waiver.  YOU NEED TO DO THIS FIRST!   Click here to go to the USA Ultimate webpage now    You                     will need your USA Ultimate number in the next step.  PLEASE  Write it down! Depending on whether you                     are doing a single year or multiyear membership, it's around $30. There are detailed instructions on how to                  do this HERE

    2. Complete the Falmouth registration form. YOU NEED YOUR USA ULTIMATE NUMBER TO DO THIS!   Click here to go to Falmouth Ultimate registration page

    3. Pay us thru the PAYPAL Link at the bottom of this page. If you aren't completely sure that you are going to            play and are  just trying out the sport, you can hold off paying us on this link, BUT YOU HAVE TO JOIN USA          ULTIMATE  so you are insured. 

Please email us if you have any questions.

Carl Saba gets ready to send it deep

Sophie Marcotte makes a grab