Letter to Parents for 2018 Season

  • I paid Falmouth an activity fee, do I still have to pay a registration fee?
    • Unfortunately, yes. Ultimate is a club sport, as a result we are independently responsible for our finances.
  • What does the registration fee cover?
    • Mostly costs for indoor practice areas, field fees and tournament entry fees.
  • Are there scholarships or waivers available?
    • Yes, we want to make sure that anyone who wants to play can play, contact one of the coaches if there is a financial hardship
  • Why do we have to join USA Ultimate?
    • USA Ultimate provides us our insurance and sponsors many of the tournaments we go to
  • Can't I just try out the sport first, without going through all this? I'm not sure I even want to do it.
    • We are going to sponsor a couple of pickup nites at a local indoor spot where they provide the insurance. We also will consider refunds if someone signs up but then completely drops out early
  • I can't remember my USA Ultimate username or log on. Help!
    • If you use the "forgot password" function, you'll see that you can use your USA Ultimate number to work backwards and find your information. If you need your USA ultimate number from last year, you can find it here.
General Questions

  • What is the commitment like?
    • Well, it depends. As a club sport, we do have some advantages. Several of our players will play Ultimate in addition to their school sport. Also, we aren't limited by MPA rules on when we can practice, so we start a lot earlier in the year. We will always have a place for the student who wants to try out Ultimate, and there are lots of opportunities for those players to play in our Maine league games. On the other hand, when we travel to tournaments, commitment will matter more
  • What is "spirit of the game"?
    • "Spirit of the game" is a REALLY important concept in Ultimate and something that is taken very seriously. Basically, it's sportsmanship. Ultimate is self refereed, and players are expected to ALWAYS keep perspective. There is zero tolerance for bad behaviour by anyone: players, coaches or spectators. Every tournament will have Spirit awards and it's not unheard of even top-shelf teams to not get invited back to prestigious tournaments if they have spirit deficits.
  • I'm confused, is it coed or single sex?
    • It's both. League games are on Wednesdays and there are usually two games; a single sex game and a coed game. The tournaments are single sex.  This continues all the way up to the Master's level.