Can I play another sport this spring in addition to Ultimate?

Falmouth Ultimate players are free to play other sports in addition to Ultimate. The team is not connected to Falmouth High School, nor is Ultimate sanctioned by the MPA.  As such, we are able to make all of our practices, games and tournaments voluntary.  We recognize that many of our best student-athletes excel because of their parallel passion for other sports and activities, and we applaud that.

Playing multiple sports will make you a better athlete!  Just make sure you honor all your MPA-sanctioned sport commitments.  In other words, don’t ever miss a sanctioned sport practice, game or meet – or show up late – because of anything Ultimate.  Sanctioned MPA sports are governed by many rules that do not apply to Ultimate, and missing a practice or competition can result in your expulsion from that team.

If you decide to play multiple sports, also make sure that you’re not trying to do too much. Your health is paramount in all your interests; in fact, it’s one of the reasons that sports are part of your high school curriculum.  No one wants you to get behind in your school work or get injured because you’re doing too much.  Having multiple interests and being active is healthy; just remember to do it wisely and carefully!

Why should I join Falmouth Ultimate?

The reasons are many:

It’s fun, it’s coed, and it’s different

Ultimate appeals to the best athletes you know, AND those who've never played an organized sport before.

Ultimate was ranked the fastest growing team sport in America by the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association.

Coed teams, where girls and boys play side-by-side on the same team, relying on each other to succeed. 

Voluntary practices and games. We embrace student-athletes with other interests and varied commitment abilities.

Player-officiated  players make all the calls, with no adult or coach intervention (except when USA Ultimate certified Observers are present).  Observers essentially aid in dispute resolution, but players still make most calls. For more information, see the section on Observers below.

An international code of ethics called Spirit of the Game, that places responsibility for honesty, fair play, and sportsmanship on players themselves.

A team sport in which players learn to self-advocate, negotiate, and compromise to resolve differences.

Since 2009, we have seen over half the students who play Ultimate go on to play in college.  This extends the benefit of playing sports – learning team work, creating a healthy lifestyle, overcoming adversity, and achieving goals – for up to FOUR MORE YEARS!  Many students join club teams after graduation, or now play in local summer leagues.  If you value team sports and outdoor recreation, start playing Ultimate now!

We offer a schedule of weekly practices, league games, tournaments, and a State Championship. When we get outdoors in mid-April, practices will be in the evening, starting at 6 PM or later. Until then, we usually practice on indoor turf right after school, evenings in the FHS gym or on the FHS turf field. Games are usually either 3:30, 4:00 or 5:00 PM, starting early April through the end of May.  See our complete schedule.

Why are there no referees in the game?

Ultimate is a player-officiated sport at youth, college, and club competition levels. Only the 14 players on the field proper are allowed to make calls. No one else is allowed to make calls or influence calls that are made during a game, including coaches. Athletes learn how to negotiate, self-advocate, compromise, and remain calm and respectful during contested calls and disagreements. Players are empowered with personal responsibility for honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship.  Players are guided by an international code of conduct unique to Ultimate, known as Spirit of the Game.  

What are Observers?

In 2005, USA Ultimate introduced a system of certified Observers, empowered to help resolve disputes on the field (still allowing players to make the initial call) and who in some cases, such as for scores, timing and lines calls, and conduct issues, may make active calls.  For more about USA Ultimate Observers, click here.

Is there a code of conduct that governs coaches?

The Coaching Ethics Code adopted by USA Ultimate governs Ultimate coaches.  Chaperones are expected to follow the same guidelines.

What is Maine Ultimate's High School League Coed Policy?

Maine Ultimate has its own unique coed rules.  View the policy here.

Where are the Maine High School League games played?

Games are usually played at either Cumberland County Fairgrounds or Wainwright in South Portland.  See the Wainwright field map here: http://www.maineultimate.org/wainwright-farms-field-map.

How do I become a USA Ultimate-certified Chaperone?

Chaperones must be at least 21 years old and complete a background check.  For instructions,  read about the NCSI Background Check.  For more information, see USAU-approved Chaperone.

How do I become a USA Ultimate-certified Coach?

USA Ultimate offers a certification program for Level I and Level II Coaches.  Read more about the full program here

What are the age restrictions to play for Maine's youth club teams?

Maine has several youth club teams.  Tryouts are held in May. Players on U19 teams must be 18 years or younger on June 1.  Players on U16 teams must be 15 years or younger on June 1.