Founded in 2009, Falmouth Ultimate is now one of the biggest sports in Falmouth. 

We offer mixed (coed) teams, a girls team, and at least two boys teams, and each year, we participate with dozens of other teams in the Maine Ultimate spring high school league.

Why has it grown so fast?

It’s fun, it’s coed, and it’s different.
Ultimate appeals to the best athletes you know, AND those who've never played an organized sport before.
Ultimate was ranked the fastest growing team sport in America by the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association.

How is Ultimate different from other sports? 

Player officiated  players make all the calls, with no coach or referee intervention.
By making their own calls, players learn to self-advocate, negotiate, and compromise to resolve differences.
An international code of ethics called Spirit of the Game, places responsibility for honesty, fair play, and sportsmanship on players themselves.

Do we need these skills in today’s world? You bet.

What makes Falmouth Ultimate unique?

Coed teams, where girls and boys play side-by-side on the same team, reliant on each other to succeed. 
Voluntary practices and games. We embrace student-athletes with other interests and varied commitment abilities.

Since 2009, over 50% of Falmouth Ultimate players have gone on to play in college. 
If you believe in the value of team sports and outdoor recreation, compare that to conventional sports.

Why do we need your help?

We don’t work through the school, and we are not sanctioned by the MPA.
We have no Athletic Director to help, no boosters, and no paid staff; we're all volunteers.
We’re funded entirely by player participation fees, disc sales, and donations.

Yet we pay for turf time, tournament fees, insurance, gear, medical supplies, awards, travel and more.

What we offer:

A schedule of weekly practices, league games, tournaments, and a State Championship.
College scholarship money set aside each year, and financial aid for every student who needs it.
Certified coaches and chaperones – parents, graduates and adult players who love Ultimate! 

We need your help to offer the best program possible.

If you believe in what we’re doing, please consider making a donation to Falmouth Ultimate. We could really use your help.  Please send your check – made out to Falmouth Ultimate – to 21 Thornhurst Road, Falmouth, ME 04105.

If you would like someone to call you, let us know. 

Thank you!

                                            2014 Falmouth Girls Team


Please make checks 
payable (and send) to:

Falmouth Ultimate
21 Thornhurst Road
Falmouth, ME 04105


Each year, Maine Ultimate sends at least one team to the National Youth Club Championships in Blaine, MN.  In 2012, 26 girls and boys – the best players from 8 different high schools in Maine – played together on a U19 coed team in the Mixed Division.  The team transcended traditional high school rivalries and coed competition barriers to yield uncommon friendships and success, finishing THIRD in the United States!  They repeated in 2013, finishing SECOND! 

Falmouth is well represented each year on these Maine all-star teams, and players are encouraged to try out in the spring.