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We will not stand by while the Con-Dem government makes savage cuts to our education and social welfare.

Many universities including UCF in Falmouth could face closure as entire budgets could be removed due to the huge cuts by the Con-Dems, and those that do remain open will be charging huge prices for access to Higher Education meaning that thousands and thousands of students will not have access to education as fees are set to triple.

The Education budget is set to be halved.

The Educational Maintenance Allowance is facing cuts of upto 90% which will prove hugely damaging to Further Education students.
Huge cuts to council funding in Cornwall is set to hit workers hard as the council sets to lose 2,000 workers from its workforce of 22,000.

Vital services for children and adults are in danger as the council is to cut £110 million of funding over the next four years.

There are growing fears of council grants being cut to organisations that provide necessary services to adults with alcohol and drug dependancy.

Cuts to housing and other benefits are set to strike hard with unemployment levels also rising.

However, the council are not managing to cut the salary of the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council as the annual salary has entered the top 30 of Chief Execs in the country at a measly £238,000 p/a
Students, workers, lecturers, unionists and anyone who cares about this country must stand together and be heard that we will not accept the cuts that will be hugely detrimental to our education system, social welfare system and society.

On 8.12.10 we must stand together and be heard by the Con-Dem government and Cornwall Council. Show your support by turning out on the day and resisting the cuts!

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