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Stampede Archives
October 2015 Edition

UGHS Building Toward Our Future
by Stampede Staff

The skills needed to work and live in our society changes so fast that education struggles daily to keep up with these changes in order to meet the needs of students and our community. Meeting these needs require educators to reinvent curriculum so they may teach students of today to be prepared for the world that they will work and live tomorrow.

The Union Grove School Board, the Staff, and our community began taking the steps necessary to help meet the needs of our students and our community on Tuesday November 7, 2017 when majority of the voters approved the $7.85 million Union Grove High School Referendum.

The plans for change at UGHS didn’t happen overnight. The District began preparing for this Referendum last year after the results of a 2015 survey showed that the public was in favor of upgrades and improvements to many areas of the school. The referendum will allow the district to take out a $7.85 million loan to fund construction of an agriculture building and greenhouse, renovations to the technical education facilities, science lab upgrades and an addition that would include space for a new fitness area, a physical education classroom, and three new art rooms.
District Supervisor, Mr. Alan Mollerskov said he and the UGUHS School Board were thankful to voters for reading the flyers that the district sent out, and for watching the video posted on its website in order to inform themselves about the issue. They were most thankful to the community for supporting students and their education. 

There were some members of the community who did oppose the referendum. Some of these community members were sending their own information to the public, most of which have been categorized as half-truths. Mr. Mollerskov said, he was very disappointed to learn this had happened. One of these accusations was that the referendum was being pushed through to catch voters off guard and that the tax rate would increase.

The truth is, the vote in November was necessary to plan construction so that it could be completed before the beginning of the 2018-19 school year, and the referendum will not add to the district’s tax rate, according to information provided by the school. Current debt from the 1997 referendum that funded construction of the school performance center is set to be entirely retired by 2021-22 and the debt from the new projects would take its place in the mill rate.

Most importantly, the new construction will help provide more resources to help students develop the many new kinds of skills necessary to work and live in a world that continues to change radically. Many of these skills may not be fully understood quite yet, but what is understood is the need for us to be prepared for a much different world than the one our parents and grandparents grew up and lived.

Our ever-changing economic and social climate dictates that to for us to be prepared for the future, we cannot continue to educate students the same as we did yesterday. Mr. Mollerskov believes that the new additions to UGHS will help teachers and staff better prepare students for the next 25 years.

We will likely begin seeing the flurry of activity in the next few weeks while there will be many exciting changes around campus as construction begins. There is little doubt that some of the changes will cause some inconveniences and disruptions during this process, but be patient! These changes and inconveniences will open the door to some awesome opportunities in the Fall. We thank our community for supporting our students and for believing in the future of the Greater Union Grove Area.
Go Broncos!

Girls Golf Keeps Streak Alive!
By Megan Koch

The Union Grove Girls Golf team went into their season looking to make a stand once again in the Southern Lakes Conference.  Losing Sarah Schuster to graduation would be a setback for the Broncos, but nothing that they couldn’t handle.

 The team consisted of two seniors, one junior, one sophomore, and one freshman - quite the variety of ages.  Despite this, the Broncos came out of the gates on fire, placing 1st in the first meet of the season.  From this point on the girls couldn’t be stopped, going undefeated in Conference meets as well as winning conference for the sixth year in a row.  

Senior Megan Koch said that, “Winning conference was really a great accomplishment.  I had no doubt in my mind that we would be able to pull it off and 6-peat”.

Adding another notch in the Broncos’ belt was the win in the County tournament. This was a great feat to accomplish for the girls since they were the reigning champions.  

    The Broncos made it through Regionals, finishing 3rd, but unfortunately found themselves coming up short in Sectionals.  Union Grove finished 3rd, one place short of a ticket to state. Second place was snagged up by a new team to the Sectional, Kettle Moraine.  The two seniors, Jackie Bianchi and Megan Koch were also in contention for individually qualifying, but came up short as well - Jackie by one shot, Megan by two.  

The heartbreaking events that happened late in the season didn’t entirely break the Broncos spirits, however.  Koch said that, “[She’s] heard many people tell [her] that a good season isn’t based on going to state or not and that we should be proud of how we performed”.  

Having one’s high school career come to an end is always hard no matter what sport someone plays.  Bianchi says that she’ll “Miss [Coach] Swanson a lot because [she] could not have improved as a golfer and person without his help”.  Koch said that “[She] will miss playing high school golf, but [she] is looking forward to playing collegiate level golf at Mankato”.

Thank you Broncos for a great season and good luck next year!

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