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Senior Select Application

Senior Select Income Guidelines



Weekly Income



Yearly Income









*To qualify as a household member person must live in household MORE THAN 50% of the month.

*Senior Select is a voucher program provided by Falls Hunger Coalition and partially funded by Otto Bremer Foundation, Marshall N. Knudson Family Fund and United Way of NE Minnesota. (Available to seniors 60 years of age +)

Instructions for use:

ü    Vouchers are valid for all FRESH produce, (vegetables & fruits) and dairy products

o   Vouchers are valid for 1 (one) month from date of issue (expiration date is written on coupon).

o   The entire face dollar value ($5.00) must be spent at one time; cash back or in-store credit will not be given.

o   At check out please present all produce and dairy first so the cashier can subtotal items for you.

ü Vouchers are accepted at Stewart’s Super One and County Market, both located in International Falls; as well as J & D Foods in Littlefork. 

ü If all issued vouchers are not redeemed for 3 (three) consecutive months participant will become ineligible for Senior Select (Medical care that interferes with coupon use is the exception). Please notify FHC if you are unable to use your vouchers for any period of time.

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Jun 28, 2018, 8:02 AM