This is a way to play Fallout in multiplayer mode. (Explanation)
Playlists can be found in a dedicated section. (Videos)
To get started you should install GameRanger and stay online. (Installation Instruction)
The new maps can be downloaded as a full pack. (Missions)
Playable character builds can be found as a starter deck in it's own section. (Characters)
The rules we all play by also known as a ruleset. (10k Reg)
Lessons in building your own characters can also be found on this site. (Lessons)
All information can also be found in full form. (Advanced Guide)
Different variations of the rules make the game more interesting. (Build-Off)
For the real enthusiast that wants to earn merit badges. (Star League)
When the 1vs1 is your go to game, there is a format just for you. (Ladder)
Just waiting for a huge event, go ahead and sign up for something more organized. (Tournament)