8th Grade Year-End Events

It’s hard to believe our kids will be leaving middle school soon to become Dublin’s High incoming Freshman Class of  2020.  
We have provided the details around all 8th grade end of year activities and obligations below.
How you can help as a parent:
1. Ensure your 8th grader has met and  turned in all obligations for these events if they plan to attend.
2. Volunteer! – There will be several volunteer opportunities leading up to the 8th grade promotion where you can be of assistance.   

Important Note: Change in Start Time for 8th Grade Promotion

Families of 8th-graders, please make a note that the start time for our 8th-grade promotion on 
June 10th has been changed to 6 PMSince we will be sharing the DHS facilities with Wells, the later start time will ensure that the parking area has been cleared and will give the district maintenance crews ample time to prepare the stadium for this special night.

8th Grade Promotion Dance 

The 8th Grade Black and White dance will  
be a themed night of celebration for your student and will be held on Saturday, June 4
, 2016 at the Shannon Community Center in Dublin.
We need help in several area for this night to successful.
If you would like to volunteer for the dance (only 6th and 7th Grade Parents)-please click here.
If you would like to donate some small food items, please click here.
If you can help to set up and clean up before and after the dance starts at 7pm, please click here
To be cleared by the office, please print out the form and check in at the front desk with Marcia Joseph.

8th Grade Field Trip
This year the field trip is at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo on June 7th. Students are to come to school at the normal time and report to their first period class for attendance. We will then walk to the buses, load by 1st period classes and leave Dublin to arrive in Vallejo by 10 am. The students will depart Vallejo at 3.30pm and arrive back at school between 4.30-5pm. Students must ride on the bus and they will be chaperoned by Fallon Staff and parents.
The school is looking for chaperones for this field trip. If you would like to chaperone, please click here. to sign up.
To be cleared by the office, please print out the form and check in at the front desk with Marcia Joseph.

Together we can make this a memorable milestones - Go Mustangs!!!

Fallon PFC,
May 5, 2016, 4:13 PM