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  • Sign and return this petition
  • Contact your block representative or visit this website for detailed information on zoning and rezoning
  • Talk to your neighbors and share this information with them
  •  Attend Public Hearing, Planning Commission, and City Council  meetings to let members know you support this rezoning
  • Become involved in a board or commission
  • Make a donation to help offset SCALE’s print expenses and the $500 fee for the rezoning
  • Go to our supporters page for more ways to become involved.

If you prefer to print out a mailable petition, click this link for a PDF.

Fallon Park Rezoning Petition Statement of Support

Fallon Park Needs You!
II/we support the petition to rezone properties located on Medway, Dunhill, and portions of Oxford, Pine, Anderson, Beechridge, Breeze, Hales and Byrd from R-6 and R-10 to R-4, and to rezone Fallon Park and the greenway area from R-6 to either R-4 or to a Conservation Management (CM) district.

This rezoning continues the progress achieved in the successful 1986 neighborhood petition, in which homeowners worked with City leaders to rezone areas including Kittrell, Royster, Hazelwood, Cooleemee, Overbrook, and Anderson from R-6 to R-4. This rezoning has helped to preserve the residential character and special beauty of our area.

Further rezoning through the current petition will more fully match the actual development of the neighborhoods in terms of lot areas and setbacks, help to keep our streets and neighborhoods quiet and tree-lined, control stormwater drainage into Crabtree Creek, and preserve the Fallon Park/Anderson Heights/Bloomsbury neighborhoods for generations to come.

___ I support the rezoning effort for my neighborhood in the Fallon Park area.
___ Please contact me to discuss this.
___ I want to make a donation.
___ Please add me to your email list to notify me of meetings.

Name(s) ______________________________________
Address _______________________________________
Phone (required) _________________________________
Email (for updates) _______________________________
*Signature (s)____________________________________ ______________________________________________

* Note: Support statements may be signed by any residents who wish to support it, including property owners or renters.

Please print, complete, and mail this form by Sept. 18, 2007 to:
Community SCALE / Post Office Box 17702 / Raleigh, NC 27619

These support petitions will be collected, tallied, a copy kept for the rezoning files, and the originals submitted to the City of Raleigh’s Clerk’s office. In the event that you accidentally sign more than one petition, your signature will only be counted once. This petition is not a legal document and as such is intended only as a statement of support for this rezoning. 

We will use your email address to provide updates about future meetings. You may contact us by clicking here.