Fallon Park Needs You ...

Because We Need Fallon Park

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The following pages provide further information about zoning, rezoning, the petition process, the city's comprehensive plan, conservation districts, and more information than we know what to do with.

The word is out: the Fallon Park neighborhood is recognized as one of the most desirable communities in Raleigh. The reasons are plentiful – the park with its canopy of trees, grassy fields and running stream … individualized homes with deep front yards … the shade of mature pines and hardwoods … a web of streets that wind and connect with each other.

Triangle-wide growth has made our conveniently located neighborhood even more appealing. The Fallon Park area has been fully developed for decades, but in recent years redevelopment has escalated. Under some of the existing zoning, there is the very real possibility of new construction at higher densities, with subdivided lots and smaller setbacks.

Existing regulations can be modified to help protect the charm 
and value of our neighborhood.

A Little History
The Fallon Park area was originally zoned ­R-6, with some R-10 on the east side of Medway Drive, but most homes were built in accordance with lower density R-4 zoning requirements. In 1986, much of the area was rezoned to R-4 to reflect the existing development. Some streets, however, retain the R-6 and R-10 zoning, leaving them vulnerable to redevelopment at higher densities.

We need your help to maintain the present quality and integrity 
of development on the land surrounding Fallon Park. We believe that rezoning R-6 and R-10 properties to R-4 will create consistency with present development and protect the neighborhood from higher density construction.