WELCOME TO THE 13TH Annual Fall Finale Classic!


Please take the time to read the following to ensure you get the most out of your tournament experience.  Taking a few moments now will help you navigating this weekend’s event much easier:


Ath-Ed Lacrosse has developed a tournament application that will enable you to easily navigate this year’s event.  We had very positive feedback over the last few years since we launched the technology.  We ask that you stop what you are doing, take the 1 minute to download this app, and then read on.  Trust us, it will make all the difference.

To download the app (it’s free, by the way!):
iPhone/iPad:  Go to the App Store.  Search on “Ath-Ed”.  Install the app.
Android:  Go to the Play Store.  Search on “Ath-Ed”.  Install the app.

Note:  The app may display “Lehigh Laxfest”.  That is ok.  Once you download it, the content will be for the Fall Finale Classic.

 There are many advantages to the app, but the most important one is that scores are updated and posted immediately after games end.  It is easy to keep track of your entire division, or multiple club teams.  It will also be your only source to determine if your team qualified for a playoff round.


 NOTE:  Schedules are subject to change.  Please continue to check the website for updates.  Date & Time of the latest update will appear here:   November 1st, 10pm.

To access your team’s schedule, first open the TEAMS & DIVISIONS LEGEND below:  This is the easiest way to start your search.  Keep in mind to check both sites when searching for your team.

Once you have found your team’s division (and group, if necessary), open the appropriate .pdf file below.   Note that we will not have hard copies available at the field.  You can print a hard copy, or use the app, which will also contain this data.



Please Note:  We do not have “A” and “B” brackets this year for each grade level due to the need to condense brackets (exception is 8th grade, which has A&B).  However, we have scheduled round robin matchups to be competitive with how your registered your team.  Please do not ask to move your team to a different grouping, the schedule is considered final.


 It is required that all athletes who participate in this event must complete the attached waiver form, and have it signed by an adult.  We ask that coaches collect them, and present them to Tournament HQ before their first game.  Note that there may be 3 “forms” per page.  It is only required to sign one form (section) per athlete.  It is the coaches responsibility to ensure that all athletes on their team have provided waivers to Tournament HQ.  Ath-Ed assumes no liability for waivers that are not collected.  Again, please provide these before the first game.


Important: IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT PLAYERS & COACHES ARRIVE 1 HOUR PRIOR TO START TIME, so please plan for this.  This ensures that we begin on time, and it allows for self-orientation of the facility + pre-game warm-ups. 


This is a site map of the Mercer County Park facility.  There are 2 main “campuses” within the park for this tournament.

We have designated parking assignments on the “site map” to help ensure you are in close proximity to your field.  Team will not move between campuses during the day.  All games will be in the same location.

Parking Area 1 will be for 7th Grade and 8th Grade teams on Saturday, and for ALL HS Games on Sunday.  These are teams using Fields 1-7.

Parking Area 2 will be for 3/4th, 5th and 6th Grades on Saturday.  These are teams using Fields 8-12.

Please take a moment to compare this map to your schedule so you know where to go.  We will have parkers on-site assisting as needed.


Tents can be set up anywhere on campus within reason.  We ask that you use your own judgment to ensure that your tent is not in an area where errant shots our passes can reach your tent.  As with any sporting event, you are attending at your own risk.  Please consider a safe tent area, especially if there are small children with you.


All teams are expected to display good sportsmanship throughout the event.

We are looking forward to a great weekend of lacrosse!


Ath-Ed Tournament Management