Welcome to your SAT Prep page!

We will be doing a lot with this wiki. We will be conducting our reviews before each test on this wiki as well as post information to our pages regarding the SAT among other things. 

For our test reviews, on the left side of this page, you will find each topic that we have (or will) cover in this class. If you click on the pages, you will find relative information once you've created the pages! We will spend review days in the computer lab working on building this wiki for you. You will be put in groups to work on information for a certain page. You can use the wiki to study for the test. We'll spend test day also in the lab, a little bit of the time will be spent reviewing the wiki and the remainder of the time will be spent taking the test. I have included a link to an equation editor at the bottom of this page for you to use. 

Each of you have your own page on here that we will work on later in the nine weeks. It will be your place to store links and store helpful information as you prepare for the SAT.

The final result of this wiki will be a source of review for YOU before you take the SAT. It is my hope you will visit this site often and use it for review.

Test Review Page Guidelines:

  • Transfer the key points from your notes onto the page. This includes steps, lists, examples, anything you deem relevant to your learning. Use the equation editor (link is below) if you need help.
  • Then, find some sample problems. They could come from our quizzes or just from you searching the web for related problems. Work them out and explain how you worked them out.
  • Make sure everything is explained in detail. Don't assume that another person reading this will know what you're talking about.
Your Page Guidelines:
  • You are responsible for everything posted on your page.
  • You should follow the guidelines of the school and should not post anything inappropriate on your site.
  • The same school rules and consequences apply. 
  • You will lose access and privileges to this wiki for abusing it.

Use the navigator on the left to find the sections. We will always be working on one category each time we're in the lab. You (and your group) will be assigned one page to complete. To begin writing on your page, click on the edit button at the top of the page. Make sure you use the equation editor as needed. And, make sure you click save often and when finished! You can find your assignments in the Notes section.

If you need an equation editor, click here. The directions for how to use it are on that page as well.