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I am a postdoc at UC Berkeley.
E-mail falk.unger@gmail.com
  • Falk Unger
    On Small Hard Leaf Languages
    In 30th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science , 2005 [ MFCS 2005], [(pdf)]
  • Harry Buhrman, Leen Torenvliet, Falk Unger
    Sparse Self-reducible sets and polynomial size circut lower bounds
    [STACS 2006] [(pdf)]
  • Gilles Brassard, Harry Buhrman, Noah Linden, Andre A. Methot, Alain Tapp, Falk Unger
    A limit on nonlocality in any world in which communication complexity is not trivial
    presented at QIP 2006 , [Phys. Rev. Lett. ], [quant-ph/0508042]
  • Harry Buhrman, Matthias Christandl, Falk Unger, Stephanie Wehner, Andreas Winter
    Implications of Superstrong Nonlocality for Cryptography
    In Proceedings of the Royal Society A, vol. 462 (2071), pages 1919-1932, [quant-ph/0504133]
  • Harry Buhrman, Richard Cleve, Monique Laurent, Noah Linden, Alexander Schrijver, Falk Unger
    New Limits on Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation
    QIP 2006, [FOCS 2006] [quant-ph/0604141]
  • Richard Cleve, William Slofstra, Falk Unger, Sarvagya Upadhyay
    Strong Parallel Repetition Theorem for Quantum XOR Proof Systems
    QIP 2007, [CCC 2007], [Computational Complexity 2008] [quant-ph/0608146]
  • Falk Unger
    Noise threshold for universality of 2-input gates
    [ISIT 2007] [ IEEE Transactions on Information Theory] [ arxiv:0711.0351]
  • Julia Kempe, Oded Regev, Falk Unger, Ronald de Wolf
    Upper Bounds on the Noise Threshold for Fault-tolerant Quantum Computing
    Proc. of ICALP 2008, [arXiv:0802.1464]
  • Lasse Leskelä, Falk Unger
    Stability of a spatial polling system with greedy myopic service
    15th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference, [ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH], [arXiv:0908.4585]
  • Falk Unger
    A Probabilistic Inequality with Applications to Threshold Direct-product Theorems
    FOCS 2009 , [ECCC:TR09-078]
  • Falk Unger
    Better gates can make fault-tolerant computation impossible
  • Falk Unger
    Noise in classical and quantum computation & non-locality
    [My thesis (version 12 Feb 2009) ]
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