This website has been created to record the brief histories of the football clubs who blossomed and then passed into history in Falkirk and the surrounding Stirlingshire County in the 19th Century.

The purpose of this site is act as a reference tool and it has been inspired by John Meffen's late website "falkirkdistrictfootball" and Kris Scrimgeour's current site "Dundee's Footballing Victorians".
Before I go any further I wish to give a huge thanks to John Meffen, as without his initial library research and kindness in sharing his work, this site would simply not have been possible.

My main area of research is the complete history of East Stirlingshire FC, however, this site is about the clubs that are no longer with us. It was originally intended that that this site would just cover the period from earliest days of football in Falkirk and also include a few other important clubs from Stirlingshire who were major players on the scene at the time. However, as the site is developing I seem to be expanding it to encompass all of the Stirlingshire clubs from that period. Currently I do not intend to record anything here about the clubs that exist to the present day i.e. East Stirlingshire, Falkirk and Stenhousemuir. It is my intention to cover East Stirlingshire's ear;y history on a separate website (possibly after I publish one or two books on their 1st twenty seasons in the next few years) whilst John Meffen's research into Falkirk's earlier history far and away exceeds anything that I could ever even aspire to. In respect of Stenhousemuir, I have started gathering information for my own records on their results and teamlines to 1900 to allow me to track players and the like, however as the club's history is currently being fully researched by Stenhousemuir historians I would not want to pre-empt anything here that they may publish at a later date. It is for the same reason that I will leave the details of King's Park's history to 1900 in the very capable hands of King's Park historian, Paul Doherty. Anyway, as you can see, I have more that enough other clubs to be researching to keep me busy for a very long time.

I have started the process off by listing games that I know the teams played (I now have only a few clubs still to complete) but this is only the start of what I wish to detail. After this has been completed I will add the teamlines and scorers (where available) for each game and add a club history and a players A-Z for each team. I have now completed Tayavalla FC in full and am currently working on expanding the information on Camelon FC to the end of season 1890/91. After this I will continue with whatever team takes my fancy or progress on a season by season basis for all the clubs. After that, who knows. I still will have to get back to my East Stirlingshire research at some point so we will see. It will be likley that I pick this project up for a few months and then switch to my East Stirlingshire research and then switch back just to give me some variety.

I hope that anyone who stubbles across this site does find it of some use and if you do have any additional information on these clubs that I have yet to include I would love to hear from you.

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