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Interview with Georgiy Nikitin

posted Nov 23, 2010, 12:02 AM by Joshua Nicky   [ updated Jun 21, 2017, 1:24 AM ]
-All it was not terrible to take the first editor of the first book?

  -  It's not fear. It's a great desire to read your text. I wanted a banal perception by someone else's eyes of my own text, I wanted a like minded person. I always say that fate gives a chance, then later I was paraphrased by PR people: "Fate gives a chance. Poroy ". My fate interestingly provided me with the opportunity. The head of the Berlin Book Trade House was my old friend. He knew that I was writing, and somehow asked when I'd finish the novel. I replied that I had finished, but I am correcting the text. "How much do you already rule him?" He asked, and added: "You can rewrite it all your life, bring it." And then the same fate began. My text lay on his desk, and the secretary had to print out some book he was going to read on the plane, on his way to a business trip. What really happened with the secretary happened - I do not know, but she did not print the text. And my friend took my printout, deciding that this is exactly what he needs. He discovered that this is my novel, only on the plane. When he returned, he called and said that we would print it.

-How to react to accusations?

-it is difficult, it is then closed in the shell, you sit at home and do not call anyone. Sometimes it is difficult to understand a creative person, and it's easy to offend, especially if the question concerns your text, which you wrote for months or even years. But they say that armor around your soul gradually becomes so impenetrable that you do not feel your own pain. True, while I do not have such an armor.
-It's amazing. On the one hand, the market and the product, and on the other hand - armor and such insecurity.

-If it was not a market, then there would be no armor. There would be that literary scene. And society would be proud of its writers, and not appreciate them only after death.

- Would you like to live in such a society?

-I think everyone wants it. I would be more pleased if young people were sitting with books, not with bottles of beer. Now here comes the summer - and all our parks will be crowded with youth 12 - 16 years old with beer - and not one with a book. No one.

-And have you never seen a man with a book?

-The overwhelming number of young people spend their leisure with beer, and not with a book in their hands. 95 percent.

- Such an eternal biblical theme. Are there any commandments that are especially relevant to you today?

-I can not even say that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is not relevant to me. We somehow kill: creativity in their children, our nature, ecology, our own time, which could be spent on something important. "Do not steal"? But we are stealing - not necessarily money, but the same time, both at home and at others. You see, we are sinful - and that's normal. Man can not live without sin.

-And where is the borderline of good and evil?

-It is different in every situation. I can move it into this or that - it's comfortable for me! - the side. And I can persuade myself that it is necessary. Again, lies, an absolute lie.

-In your books you take the hero, put him in an extreme situation, and then offer a choice. Do you feel like a demiurge, a deity - or do you sympathize with him in a human way?

-All very simple. While the child does not know what is hot, he will not blow it. The first attempts of a little man to learn the world are built like this. And I, throwing the hero in a cycle of events, I force the reader to try on the situation. And then I give a chance. But what about it? .. Without this, it is impossible. I need a happy ending - everyone loves it so much ...

-But why repentance must necessarily end in death?

"For me, after repentance there is no life, because then again to live and sin, and then why was repentance needed?" Repentance is a retreat before a Person who does not become. "Notice, the church, the church told Tolstoy to the end: repent, give us your soul! As if they are the owners of souls, these spiritless characters. But now they can be counted on the fingers.

-And books, too, write, when you clearly understand the alignment of forces and how you treat the heroes and their actions?

-Of course. That's why I write several things at once. For example, "Phantom Pain", which was born in me at the click of my fingers, I write for the second year and can not finish it. The protagonist does not give me rest! The plot is that a man, first God, and then the Devil, was given to live for several days in three bodies. But God did not tell him who these people are, and the devil told him. And in the first case, the hero decided that these three people are ideal, and in the second - he did not have enough cartridges to shoot them.

-You directly communicate with one and the other ...

- You mean - with God, and with the devil? .. You see, you can call it God and devil, yin and yang, white and black, man and woman. At one time the great martyr Sergius of Radonezh said: if the holy writings were lost, we would be obliged to live so that people, after looking at us, wrote them anew.

"Surprisingly, judging by the books, you have a Buddhist worldview, and you say Christian things."

-I am an ecumenist. I like all religions. God is one, and this does not need a church. God either is in the heart or not. None of the scriptures say: "Come to the temple," but it says: "The temple is inside you, this is your heart."

-The way of searching is different. Did you find everything you were looking for?

- They say that there is time to collect, but there is time to scatter stones. And today I'm starting to scatter what I've collected all my life.

- Do you feel like a teacher?

-I feel like a guide in the museum of wax figures. The guide always knows the route a bit deeper than the tourists - that is, those who bought my book. I'm writing about those who live with my readers on the same staircase. I just do it a little deeper and more interesting than they could have come up with.

-The main thing is to please yourself? Or a man?

-Many women come to Earth to extend the human race - so they, in any case, decided. Some men, especially in their youth, call them "machines." The desire to give birth to a child is inherent in a woman genetically. But if the lady will like herself, she will be all right in her personal life, in her career. If you like yourself, then you like others. You should not like a man, but yourself and your children. This child hould know that mom is the best, because her mother reads a lot, she is educated, she is interested, she can be brought to a girlfriend or friend, and she will answer all questions. Mom loves teachers, loves a neighbor on the landing. Mom loves Dad, with all these secrets - about where the pope leaves and comes back late, and where my mother hides his father's shirts with lipstick. The main thing - be in a good mood. There is nothing worse than a woman in a bad mood!