Reference Works

Reference Works


The specific projects we performed for our customers are focused on the area of Tenerife island. Also, some works have been done on the other Canary Islands, as well as in neighbouring countries: Tunisia and Morocco.

Here a selection of these works:

Chimisay Theathre (Puerto de la Cruz), Residencial areas in Orotava und Puerto Cruz (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Renault und Citroën show-rooms in the San Jerónimo commercial center (La Orotava), Álvarez department stores (Los Realejos), The Plaza in La Perdoma, privately and state finance apartment buildings in various counties of Tenerife, rehabilitation of historic buildings (Martí Mansion, the Ventoso Palace, in Pto. Cruz), drugstore, offices in the Tenerife area, as well as various interior architectural design projects for existing spaces.

In any case, we look for more then just the economic value of a client’s project, seeking the best possible quality and service level – which are the elements that ultimately connect us with the customer and are based upon our company’s quality certifications.

With us you’ll see your projects developing, in an organized and professional manner, in a quality-oriented work environment, where relevant details are always taken care of. By this way our work is always connected to the customer, as confirmed by the different quality certifications our architectural office holds: UNE on ISO 9001/2008 und EFITENIC for quality and efficiency.