Who We Are

Who We Are


We are an architectural society, offering you, by our team of specialists with over 30 years of professional experience, a diversity of services related to the construction business. 

All these based upon our ISO-9008 quality certification as well as an advanced Efitecnic-certificate, and making use of modern technologies like the licensed Revit modeled BIM-system.

Starting up in co-operation with other specialists in the construction business and as independent architect, Mr. Francisco Álvarez Abrante is leading nowadays the architectural society under the name of FALBRANT ARQUITECTURA S.L.P.U.

Our service offer includes:

Architectural consulting and support services;

Feasibility studies regarding any potential building plan and it’s economics;

Topographic measurements and land planning;

Generation of professional reports and certificates;

ITE-certification („Inspección Técnica de Edificación”);

Energetic certification for buildings;

Bioclimatic architecture design services;

Design of industrial and commercial buildings, as well as tourism & leisure sites and public places;

Building reform planning;

Interior architectural design;

Field services related to reports generation (i.e. measurements, CTE), especially for the areas where comfort and energy efficiency are both main objectives.