Lue Gim Gong
                                                                              also known as the "Citrus Wizard"

     Lue Gim Gong was a Chinese immigrant that came from China to San Fransisco when he was just 12 years old. When Gong was sixteen he came to Massachusetts and worked in a shoe factory. He met a women named Fannie Burlingame, who was his Sunday school teacher. She taught the workers at the shoe factory. He became such good friends with Burlingame that he moved in with her. There he helped her with her greenhouse and did other chores around the house. The Burlingame's in some way Americanized Gong. He converted to Christianity. Gong also got his U.S. citizenship.

    Gong moved to some new land Fannie bought in Deland, Florida in 1885. There he became very involved in horticulture. He became obsessed with different gardening techniques. He did many studies on how to keep oranges from freezing. His idea was so brilliant that is still used today all over.

This is a picture of Lue GIm Gong. Courtesy of the North Adams Historical Society.

Photograph of orange grove. Taken from