Giannakogiorgou & Fakontis Law Firm

Γιαννακογιώργου και Φακοντής Δικηγορικό Γραφείο

Welcome to our website.

The only purpose of this website is to inform people who we are, what we do, some useful legal information and where you can find us.      

We provide a wide range of Legal Services and we act on every case that we handle " in person".  We believe that our Job is to read law and act accordingly. Thus we face every case as a new challenge in order to reach the best outcome. 

Our fees are very competitive and we always inform in advance for the cost of our services and then we sign an engagement letter for our services describing what we will do you and how much will cost. 

We our very proud that many clients of us became our friends!

With our Best Wishes

Panagiotis Fakontis  and Maria Giannakogiorgou