List of Fake Publishers

Avoid submitting your manuscript to these publishers. I am keeping list of Open Access as well as Subscription based Journal.

Subscription Based Journals
Academic Press (Harcourt Publishers)
Academic Press Professional (Harcourt Publishers)
Addison Wesley (Pearson Education)
University of Akron Press
AltaMira Press
University Press of America

Amsterdam University Press
Architectural Association
The Arden Shakespeare (Thomson Learning)
Arnold Publishers
University of Arizona Press
Ashgate Publishing

Association of Applied Biologists
Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers 
Authors Academic Press
Autodesk Press (Thomson Learning)


Baillière Tindall (Harcourt Publishers)
BT Batsford Ltd
BERG Publishers
University of Birmingham Press
Blackwell Publishers
Blackwell Science

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
Boydell and Brewer Ltd
Brassey's (UK) Ltd (BT Batsford)
Bristol Academic Press
British Film Institute Publishing
British Museum Press
British Psychological Society Books
Broadview Press
Brooks/Cole (Thomson Learning)

Butterworths Tolley (Butterworths)


CABI Publishing
Cambridge International Science Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association
Carcanet Press
Frank Cass Publishers 
Catholic University of America Press
Cavendish Publishing
Chadwyck-Healey Ltd
Chambers Harrap
Channel Four Learning
University of Chicago Press
Chiltern Publishing International 
Chinese University Press
Churchill Livingstone (Harcourt Publishers)
James Clark and Co 
T&T Clark
Columbia University Press
Combined Publishing
Comerford and Miller
Commonwealth Secretariat 
Constitution Unit (School of Public Policy)
Continuum International Publishing

Conway Maritime Press (BT Batsford)
Cork University Press
Cornell University Press
Council for British Archaeology
Course Technology (Thomson Learning)
CPL Scientific Publishing Services Ltd


Delmar (Thomson Learning)
Duckworth Group
Dushkin (McGraw-Hill)
Duxbury (Thomson Learning)


E & FN Spon (Taylor & Francis)
Edinburgh University Press
Edward Elgar Publishing
Elsevier Science
English Heritage   
University of Exeter Press


Faber and Faber
Facet Publishing
Financial Times Prentice Hall (Pearson Education)
First and Best in Education Ltd
Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers
Focal Press (Butterworth-Heinemann)
Four Courts Press
Fyfield Books (Carcanet Press)


Ganesha Publishing
Geological Society Publishing House
Getty Publications
Glas New Russian Writing
Gower Publishing
Grove Music


Hanley Belfus (Harcourt Publishers)
Harcourt Professional Publishing
Harcourt Publishers
Hart Publishing
University of Hawaii Press
Heinle and Heinle (Thomson Learning)
University of Hertfordshire Press
Holt, Rheinhart & Winston (Harcourt Publishers)
Hong Kong University Press
Sue Horwood Publishing


University of Idaho Press
University of Illinois Press
Imperial College Press
Imprint Academic
Incorporated Council of Law Reporting For England and Wales
Institute for Employment Studies
Institute for Fiscal Studies
Institute for the Study of Civil Society

Institute for Social Work
Institute of Development Studies
Institute of Economic Affairs
Institute of European Affairs
Institute of Food Science and Technology
Institute of Irish Studies (Queen's University, Belfast)
Institute of Marine Engineers
Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Institute of Personnel and Development
Institute of Physics Publishing
Institute of Public Administration
Institution of Chemical Engineers
Institution of Electrical Engineers
Institution of Incorporated Engineers
Intellect Books
International Bee Research Association
University of Iowa Press
Iowa State University Press
Island Press


Jane's Information Group
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Johns Hopkins University Press
Joseph Henry Press (National Academy Press)
Journal of Reproduction and Fertility


Kent State University Press
University Press of Kentucky
Kluwer Academic Press
Kogan-Page Publishers


Law Reports International
Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society
Legal Action Group
Leicester University Press (Continnum International Publishing)
Lexington Books
Library Association Publishing
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Ltd (Kluwer)
Longman Further Education (Pearson Education)
Longman Higher Education (Pearson Education)
Louisiana State University Press 
Lund Humphries 
Lutterworth Press


Macmillan Education - Africa
Macmillan Reference
Manchester University Press
McGill-Queen's University Press
Mercer University Press
Merck Publications (Harcourt Publishers)
University of Michigan Press 
University of Minnesota Press
University of Missouri Press
The MIT Press
Morgan Kaufmann (Harcourt Publishers) 
Mosby (Harcourt Publishers) 
John Murray
Multilingual Matters 
K. Myles and Associates


National Academy Press
National Archives of Scotland
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
National Museums of Scotland (NMS Publishing Ltd)
Natural History Museum
University of Nebraska Press
Nelson Thornes
New Europe Research Trust 
University of New South Wales Press
Nick Hern Books 
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
University of North Carolina Press

Nottingham University Press


Octagon Press Ltd
Onword Press (Thomson Learning)
Open University Press
Osborne (McGraw-Hill)
Oxford University Press



Paul Chapman Publishing (Sage Publications)

Pearson Education and Higher Education
Pearson Information 
Penguin Books Ltd
Penn State University Press
University of Pennsylvania Press 
Peter Peregrinus Lt (Institution of Electrical Engineers)
Pharmaceutical Press
Pickering & Chatto Publishers
Platinium Publishing
The Policy Press
Policy Studies Institute
Polygon at Edinburgh
Portland Press
Poyser, T & AD (Harcourt Publishers)

Prentice Hall (Pearson Education)
Princeton University Press 
The Psychological Corporation (Harcourt Publishers)
Public Record Office 
Purdue University Press
Putnam Aeronautical (BT Batsford)


Research Studies Press Ltd
Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group 
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (English Heritage)
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Medicine Press
Sage Publications
Sandpiper Books
Saunders, W B (Harcourt Publishers)
The Science Museum
Scottish Cultural Press
Scutari Press (Harcourt Publishers)
Senate Hall Academic Publishing
Shaw & Sons Ltd

Sheffield Academic Press
Shire Publications Ltd
Singular (Thomson Learning)
Society for Endocrinology
Society of Biblical Literature
South Western (Thomson Learning)
Southern Illinois University Press
Springer-Verlag GmbH & Co KG
State University of New York Press
Stationery Office Ltd
Stenhouse Publishers
St Jerome Publishing
Henry Stewart Publications
Sweet & Maxwell
Syngress Media (Harcourt Publishers)


I B Tauris
Taylor & Francis
Temple University Press
Texas Tech University Press
Thames & Hudson
Thoemmes Press
Thomas Nelson Australia (Thomson Learning)
Thomson Learning

University of Toronto Press
Trentham Books


W E Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

Utah State University Press


V & A Publications
Vallentine Mitchell
Vanderbilt University Press


Wadsworth (Thomson Learning)
University of Wales Press
The Warburg Institute
Wayne State University Press
Western Academic & Specialist Press
W H Freeman (Macmillan Press Palgrave)
Windgather Press
Woodhead Publishing


Yale University Press


Zed Books